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  1. Paper Armature

    Thank you everyone for your Advice. I do feel a little apprehensive now with how this is going to turn out for my sculpture, I say oh dear, maybe I should of done a bit more research with regards the finer points of working with clay, oh well, I will just have to grin and bare it and just hope too much damage isn't done as it goes through the drying process. ] Yes, there is a hole underneath the body where I use a dowel, I was thinking about going in there with a sharp tool and try dig out some of the paper. Regards lee
  2. Paper Armature

    Thanks Neil, I had look back at some pictures I had taken when I started the sculpture, To be truthful I don't recon I used that much Newspaper for the Armature, for the main body, I would say I rolled it at about 1'' in diameter, I will do as I have been advised to let it fully dry out properly, then Firer it and keep my fingers crossed everything works out OK Many Thanks lee
  3. Paper Armature

    Thank you bciskepottry, I will take up what you have advised Beautiful sculpture . . . and you say it's your first?!!! Yes honestly!, I have never done anything like this before, I will say I loved every minute doing this sculpture, cant wait to start the next one, that is when I come up with a idea. Kind regards lee
  4. Paper Armature

    Thanks for that Jim Funny really that I did a Bulldog, our family dog is a 6 months old Wire Fox Terrier Those pictures seem to open up very large, I am rubbish with computers, can anyone make them smaller. Regards lee
  5. Paper Armature

    Many thanks for the Reply bciskepottery Do I just leave it to thoroughly dry out Naturally, at the moment it's in the shed, it's quite coldish and damp hear at the moment, would it be a good idea to bring it into the house, will it start to crack up as it's drying out ?
  6. Hello All, I am very new to clay sculpting, Just finished my first sculpture, just a few little things left to clean up, then I am hoping to put it in the kiln for firing, but because I am so new to this, (I am a bit stuck as where to start), my main concern being that of the Armature, I used rolled news paper, the sculptor/model is made from terracotta clay that I purchased from a UK company by the name of Pot-clay, my sculpture is of a ''Bulldog'', in my own style, about 12x roughly 9 inches or so in size, Can I fire it with the paper left inside? or do I need to remove it, I would rather leave the paper inside if possible, I don't really want to chop it apart. Would it be Better for me to post a picture up Any advice would be greatly Appreciated! Many thanks lee