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  1. Glazes That Break

    Ron, not sure about the stuff you've got in US, but it had a reputation for being hazardous to user re. Inhaling it as breaks down. I had a gas kiln lined with it and yes it was coated, top loader, roof sagged and became friable with age. Marcia knows, she uses it in the method above ie moving it to place on lid, but I wouldn't be stuffing around with it continuously, Does come in lots of forms now, bats of it. I'd try firing without it first to see results of firing down with pyrometer.
  2. is it coming out of a pugmill? I cut off same lengths, yes, put a couple of lengths in p. Bag, then store them in polystyrene boxes, grabbed from supermarket box bins lengths I cut to fit length f these boxes which are lidded, stack well, and can be reused. Keeps moist v. Long time. Don't go to garbage bin. Truly horrible to get clay from.
  3. Lepidolite

    Thank you for giving us an explanation, Pres, Respect is key to human communication and community wellbeing. I also hope John realises the great need this forum has for a member of such integrity ,knowledge and ability to deliver this to others so willingly. Thank you again Pres. I also hope John returns. He has been wiped, even his likes have gone, I hope his rich past posts are not also deleted.
  4. let's hope not! Would be a great loss, though I noticed his name has Guest in front of it on some old posts. he talks having walked a long, long, distinguished walk in the fields of ceramics, not many can do that with such humility, and in plain speak for al the forum participants. No ego attached to his replies and explanations.. so my question is as above, what has happened to John?
  5. gold used in fillings not pure, some googler will fill you with the other metal which is much harder than gold. silver filling ,amalgum containing mercury for one, again a googler will put it up here. one point in time people were getting those fillings ripped out but research showed the toxins released in process worse than or faster than leaving in place. so total burden is the issue as always
  6. Mark said it,bad choice of words omb, wax resist,the technique,, various waxes as Mark listed , I meant solid wax requiring melting, and the other stuff. good luck
  7. Glazes That Break

    I once placed cer. Fib. On an old kiln lid. It had a little swing cover over a hole on top of kiln. I don't know what it ws for cos I wouldn't be looking down there! Any way the little swing cover melted.
  8. Frit 3110 issue

    is this your only variant? I guess you've read the bag labels, just asking? ring supplier, may save lots of time
  9. Is it wax resist or wax? If wax and cooling, I scrape off the surface layer and then stone grind the spot a little, wipe with damp cloth. After glazjng if not a good coat, I dab a little extra glaze there. I know which glazes will tolerate this. Others I just rebsque,not worth the wastage.
  10. Glazes That Break

    Ronsa, I used to ,after the sitter dropped, lift it back up, put a weight on the latch, repress the start button, and hold or fire down manually depending. Have to be hands on and log your actions, but doable ,new word.
  11. Lepidolite

    I echo Pres' sadness at what has been lost here: Respect . This is what has been so different about this forum, I would not have entered this discussion even though I have a tub of lepidolite in my shed, another old lady here, gotta watch them, but for the glaring disrespect for a member and very giving educator..no public remorse shown by those perpetrators,what a pity, what a pity! Funny, for me, mere deletions , a bit like rewriting history, whitewashing the outsides of an otherwise dirty house. what a pity. s'nuff
  12. IMG_1220.JPG

    how many lbs in a bag? love the handles
  13. Lepidolite

    read the entire posts and place in context when quoting. a.long off the market, b a couple of hoarders have some c. If off market and sources are hoarders ,end of story, d. Moderators with no humour, who'd want them. Timmy can't go down corner store and get any, long off market, hoarders have what's in the US. SMILE it can effect your look on life, but it may cause wrinkles. hope this doesn't drive John underground, I enjoy his great knowledge and experience he so readily shares with us though how he finds time I do not know.
  14. L&L easy fire front loading kiln

    not tall,, or long here and so reaching into to place shelf carefully onto posts was a stress on this old lady:-) but amazing what can be done when driven! Prob. Go for a walk in one next life..
  15. Lepidolite

    tyler,think most has been written tongue in cheek or up left nostril, no one is in the business, just helping or not helping but teasing other potters, a couple of whom have a great history of handling chemicals, a little "lepidolite" relief in our serious lives:-\/
  16. for the tiles you can throw a dish ,can have grooves on vertical section then just cut into pie sections . I do this for normal tasting, but I guess you know this.
  17. L&L easy fire front loading kiln

    but can you tumble stack a bisque? I love being able to see my pots from above in a glaze fire pack, so clear. I have used front loaders, didn't like the packing. Almost went looking for a long shafted dentist's mirror to check nothing was too close.shelves at arm's length wasn't appealing either, though one day I may be found in an inversion in my top loader:-)))
  18. All's well with the substitution.
  19. mixing late last night, batch now has whiting instead of calcite, gonna glaze tonight, what diff can I expect?
  20. PQotW: Week 35

    1:3 2:1 3:1 4:1 when in doubt vote 1
  21. Making terra cotta bricks

    well, some serious grinding and chiselling! would be less wrist shattering to carve from prefired clay, if the clay was as Min suggests, the variance in colour could be sought by resists in raku type firings
  22. Making terra cotta bricks

    way too long un the sun. nice work!
  23. firing now, will know Sund.a.m. Majolica glaze, pretty forgiving, I slow and soak at end so hopefully......

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