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    Slip reclaim

    Hate the thought of dumping anything....what about defloccing it? Reinstate into the soil. Clay wrestling taking off???? Dry it crush it and incorporate in Sandy soil as an improver..... moisture retention. We spread clay here on our non wetting acidic sand country to obtain a more wetting soil and to limit runoff....when the rains eventually drop bringing a more consistent germination
  2. I would be surprised if that crack does not go through the clay pot also , it Will eventually. When applying under glaze to one surface of the pot it pays to run a dampened brush over entire pot then apply the under glaze . Differences in moisture can cause cracking like this as pot dries at different rates according to underglazed or not Would appears glaze may be too thick The crack on base. How thick is the base conpared to the walls?
  3. Babs

    overnight warm up?

    Must be an app which allows you to listen to the click of switches and gas flame music from your cosy bed:-))))
  4. Babs

    Covering Up A Crack In Bisque

    Wouldn' risk mending s handle unless just the small crack near where handle attached to base, with no structural importance. These can be worked after attachment with a small tool. SPOOZ E hasn' been mentioned here. Add paper to it to lessen shrinkage. Spooze recipe search this forum using the search option at top of page.
  5. Babs

    Wood kiln types - Pros and cons

    Think it needs to start with an assessment if your needs. How productive are you? How much time do you want to spend firing? What are the laws re. Woodfirinf in your area. How much wood can you source What storage for wood do you have? Have you property on which you can build Do you have a team of helpers. If you figure some of that out then folk here can help or point in a direction. It is a big ask for someone to describe fully the various woodfirinf kilns around and lay down their specifications. Living and using a wood stove various woods put out a different amount of heat when burning.... So lots of info. Wood types vary over continents... A huge amount of info to gather. What Wood Do you have access to?
  6. Babs

    india ink or what else ?

    Yeh may be so! And as the pots cool in the kiln it is then that the illfitting glaze cracks up..... A past moderator here described the ink application as flowing the ink on not painting it on. And further to immerse the pot in the ink if possible. It is interesting to note that the "always have done it this way" may be barking up the wrong tree or for the wrong reason.. Beetroot always a good test for well fitting white glaze...
  7. do a search wedding at the search box at top of this page...very informative and cheap solutions
  8. Babs

    Wood kiln types - Pros and cons

    Autoprompt John would be amazed to read he builds anagrams....... How productive you are would help you select also
  9. Babs

    india ink or what else ?

    In good company then!:-)) Maybe you need a Chinese glaze for it to work..... Getting above temp of hot water.... In an oven I put the ink on when warm/ fresh out of the kiln....not a cool unpacked here
  10. Babs

    Wood kiln types - Pros and cons

    At top of this page is an icon like a magnifying glass. Type in anagama there This will lead to a number of posts. A guest, John Baymore used to post regularly on anagrams and other Woodfired kilns. You should even find plans there as he posted the progress whilst building a kiln. I just googled anagrams and brought up heaps of images and websites
  11. Babs

    Amaco Palladium on mugs

    Can you drill holes in bottom and use for succulents etc. Stuck together for a divider in your garden,,,, Stuck together water feature...
  12. Babs

    india ink or what else ?

    Expands the cracks a bit so ink can get into the cracks a bit easier but care as too hot and it' s hard to get the ink off the glaze.
  13. Babs

    Wood kiln types - Pros and cons

    Do a quick Google of those terms and you'll quickly realise which types are not for You:-)))) Having narrowed the field somewhat will make your choice easier. Then what is permitted in your area will further narrow the field.
  14. Babs

    Bad firing

    Are you firing without a thermocouple and pyrometer?.can you see a set of cones thro'spyhole? What firing schedule are you following? What size and type of kiln do you have?
  15. Babs

    india ink or what else ?

    Could try altering glaze so fewer cracks of glaze. Heat your pot and apply Indian ink or black stain
  16. Babs

    Stoneware cracks

    Cut it off with a thin bladed knife or run a wire like used to cut pots from wheel. Will only work if not too dry, worth a try, or just our it in scrap bucket
  17. Following some posts in QOTW how do you open up the clay after centering?
  18. Babs

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    BlOwing to bits...not totally dry???? Folk fire plates vertically stacked, supported by props. Vermiculite lighter than sand..
  19. Babs

    Stoneware cracks

    How dry is t? Could use a wire to cut off bottom. Keep pot wrapped in plastic while you roll out new bottom , allow to dry to similar state as potbody , score and slip, could use magic water to help rejoin. Secure new bottom to top and finish with coils pressed into join...could cut central hole before fixing together. Dry slowly. It would be demanding a lot to fix thosecracks... could try with spooze to which paper is added and blended. Dry slowly. Untreated I think the cracks would extend... Call it a learning experience and put it back in bucket.
  20. Babs

    Kiln still stalling

    Well with a smaller kiln I used to go above 5psi on glaze firing. If replacing the one on the tank make sure your line can take the greater pressure. I'd up the pressure coming from tank and place a regulator and pressure gauge near the burners.....after ma king sure the airflow into kiln is sufficient...distance of burners from kiln, air "flaps "on burners open. But tempting as these things are...adjust one thing at a time The hours Linda is having to fire for is OTT IMO
  21. Babs

    Kiln still stalling

    Linda can you go watch see listen another gas firing s.where I know every kiln is different nut it might just flick a switch in your brain Just a thought Cheers.
  22. Babs

    Kiln still stalling

    Although you might just get out of that bookwork at end of year! Thinking re. How far from kiln those burners are sitting.....
  23. Babs

    Kiln still stalling

    Yes or had supply inefficient. Only time I got backburning into burner was at the beginning when gas flow small .. Sounds like time for a fishing diving trip to Active Passage Marc and pop in to see Linda's kiln. Water temp should be balmy about now. Freezing current temp doesn't change much. Great fishing west coast of V.I.
  24. Babs

    Kiln still stalling

    Linda posted extensively some time ago. I'm now wondering re placement of bag wall and shelf plan Is the flame path just in and out the backdoor so to speak? The burners should have a roar to them. Primary and secondary air I wonder about too
  25. Do a few "normally"! How long did it take to learn to throw? Well the other way will be quicker because you bring along the feel of the clay, and the basic technique and positioning which you had to learn first time around......speed of wheel and so on Do you centre on the normal side...just trying to work out how weird things Are?? Doing it both ways would certainly even up the wear and tear on the body. Maybe I'll go back to my natural side ...

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