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  1. If the pic is the inside of your kiln and is a true colour,that colour says to me that you are way over cone 5! Kiln sitters stick. Latch doesnt drop. How do you know cone or temp?? Turn itvoff and have a look. Good luck. I really find it hard to believe folk turn kilns on and walk away. Out of the house etc. So much resting on systems which fail . Good luck. Please dont walk out on your kiln again. Dont think insurance company would take a second look.....
  2. Babs

    Hardening of glaze

    So if yoyr recipe doesn't add to100 you'll gave to change it to percentage anyway for your 100g batch........ Just saying....:-)/)
  3. Babs

    Time for a New Thermocouple?

    Glass on glass...gutsy. mat need to fire down to avoid cracking unless kiln is a slow cooler.....
  4. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    Are you using cones inside Narelle? Could be you're overfiring your glazes.. Put a batch of cone 07,06,05 in next firing to see what cone your kiln is reaching.
  5. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    Also get a timer and place so when half an hourish after expect firing to finish the electricity to kiln shuts off. In case you get distracted, fall asleep etc. Is your kiln sitting okn a woiden benchtop? Better if not the case. Just saying. Tetlow used to make great kilns. Hope your controller isnt getting hot there.
  6. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    Take your liner glaze over top and down outside pot so fancy glaze is not in contact with drinkers mouth. Then wont matter apart from above concerns
  7. Not two glaze firings. Important piece! Make a miniature or a test tile. Cobalt is a strong colourant. But expensjve. Could brush solution on bisqued pot where you want it. Wipe off if necessary then glaze pot with matt white. The blue will come through the white in a softer colour. Do the test piece or tile to see how ot comes out. Try with various strengths of cobalt: water Matte glaze the cobalt wont move much so will sit where put. Can soften blue by mixing with a bit of iron. Think with matte glaze it'd look better coming through the glaaze from ubderneath. Test tile the way to go. Make notes of what you did.
  8. Babs

    reconstitute dip glazes

    Maybe store in airtight container and then decant into kittylitter tray for glazing plates and bigger bits. I use a cereal container for dipping small plates font need as much glaze and a wide mouthed jug for small bowls and mugs. Wok and kittylitter trays for bigger flatter pieces. Glazes stored in air tight buckets on just the right height bench...saves lifting Just saying.
  9. Babs

    Time for a New Thermocouple?

    Well there's a start for a pair of eerrings or twisted ring!!!!
  10. How high are yoyr surfaces Neil??? Mum's pots are not valuable here. Except. Large garden ones. Speaking of which a teenage boy. Revved his motor bike on lawn....no suitable comment...then slid his bike into newly placed LARGE urn witb newly planted passionfruit....did i notice??? Well a coupme of days later. Karma is a great thing. Now has two intrepid kuds of own to deal with... Only untippables hsre...one set of mugs adhered to new shelf...too thick glaze. One slack potter..
  11. Babs

    12 Inch Club

    Wedge it well cone up and down like Neil. 50lbs so 12 balls later...... Always tomorrow.
  12. Babs

    12 Inch Club

    Joining the elite! Go Liam ,take heed of need to remain obscure re results of fame...
  13. Babs

    Time for a New Thermocouple?

    Think it really may be titanium. Thought I read it somewhere once upon a time You sound sorted!
  14. Babs

    Time for a New Thermocouple?

    Not gold plated but titanium! The broken ceramic wont make a difference unless the wires touch. Keep as spare if you buy a new one. Did you put your kiln on wheels Chilly? Most not robust enough to wheel around.... I fired for ages with similsr damage after friend unloaded her pots fro. my kiln shattering sheath and cracking ceramic as yours is. The sheath alone Aussie price $80 at the time....forget that till richer...another reason not to fire or allow folk near your kiln
  15. Babs

    temp for opening kiln?

    Well lift the latch back up to vertical position put a weight on latch rod to hold in place. Press the button on sitterbox to turn kiln back on. Then fiddle the amount of energy input to jeep your kiln at soak temp. You can fire down in this way too. Take notes of what happens to temp. Set yourself a timer or alarm as if you walk away, your kiln will remain jammed on. Notes are a great help for future firing.
  16. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    Yeh just giving pos. options and given fast approach used it may take that soak to topple cone but her glaze isnt liking something. Cheers.
  17. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    A 20 min soak will take the glaze over yhe C06 . The slowing at end has to do with glaze maturation in the case I was stating. Obviosly in Narele's case yhe schedule used does not work for her glaze. So one thing at a time. Alter ramps Then if not good results, alter soak...20mins seems a long soak at that temperature. Grind till level with surrounding surface of glaze. Use a mask. Usually doesnt take much. If it works use it! Depends on yhe clay The slow start works for me that's all. Test and it depends...
  18. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    How long. 1st ramp 6 hours Second ramp 2hrs Last ramp say you were to go 90dec/hr for simple maths 1hr. Plus soak of 20 minutes during test 1 gives you total of 9hrs 20 min. If bubbles still happening. Cut the soak time in half. Then still not good. Remove soak. Let's know what happens
  19. Babs

    Bubbles in Glaze

    200deg C per hr is very fast. And goes through crucial points which should be taken slowly. I'd go for 100C/ hr to 600 for ramp one then 150/hr to 900 then 60 /hr to 999 . Slowing down the last ramp lets glaze settle. Those bubbles look similar to what I get when I fire a specific glaze too quickly towards end . I'd try that then if still bubbling cut out the long soak as this may be overfiring this glaze. An old poster told me a tip. Grind those bubbles, dab glaze on and refire at the slower end rate.
  20. Go for the dinner! Make spoonrests tomorrow:-))
  21. Babs

    Repairing greenware

    Spooze does work but dont uese on handles on mugs etc For less shrinkage i use paper added to spooze. Make sure the join is totally dry before bisquing, can sand iff roughness prior to firing. May have better results rebisquing prior to glaze fire If unfired piece is totally dry, can spray or zponge to redampen area .
  22. But as a potter you know when tin is doing it!
  23. Nice piece. The softerwhites certainly more attractive to me. Tin still my favourite but add or cut it with zirc nowadays. Wonder if your mix is more fluid though depends on vlaze I guess
  24. Liam what percentages of titanium and zircopax are you using? What colour of clay are you usi gng?
  25. Babs

    Glazed brick

    :-))) indeed! So much to be learned in this field and from the ancients.

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