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  1. yeh, I liked his story about being iced unto his studio by the moist warm air of the studio freezing the door up. great excuse for not stopping working. his sons rescued him. another post he was describing how fast he would have to run to impale himself on something in his studio, I think that reaction was to the dangers of studio pottery, a joke of course on his part.
  2. yea, great stuff, miss TJR, his humour and wise words. lucky high school students I think, He serve d time with Mic hael Cardew I seem to remember.
  3. Seeing is believing

    doglover, remember to vacuum you kiln thoroughly afterwards, esp if electric, check the elements and grooves, no fancy work near your experiment. yeh wet stuff ok if you know it's there....and know what to do
  4. 3d effect by glaze or onglaze? Good luck with that one .
  5. Carving into clay

    also a book maybe lol in library first "Handmade Tiles" frank giorgini ISBN 1 -86351-164-4 Sections on carving tiles and other techniques
  6. Carving into clay

    there was a member Isculpt perhaps search here or google her , she was a woodcarver, from memory, beautiful stuff.
  7. Carving into clay

    so you're really speaking of sculpting, or pos. Adding clay to get a true 3d effect as opposed to line carving?
  8. hat constitutes extreme off shore, like is that related to the ks off shore orthe fact that you have swum out there??

    Just asking.

  9. Well 41Degrees C here tomorrow, only got to 35 today,  Pots ready to trim before y'get them off the wheel. Shed a sauna, off for a long drink of tea, the best on a hot night.

    Tomorrow, my turn to sit in a gallery, sounds fine.

    1. Min


      We'll be around 35 today too, unfortunately that's F not C though. 

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Anything over 25 and I get too hot :lol: never gets warm up in Newcastle. Sounds good for quick dry pots, maybe too good.

  10. defloccutating a slip allows fir the same degree of fluidity of the slip but made by using much less water and so much less shrinkage when drying on pot. So if applying defloc. slip to an already dry pot, a greater degree of success Darvan or sodium silicate used to defloc.
  11. Prediction required

    Not sure I'll go mixing this again Nerd, but I may add a bit of titanium, why not, she says.., or spray some on in patches. Kiln gods must have been on my side.
  12. I was tidying up odd pots and decided o try a different glaze. I had a recipe for Nutmeg and so I set forth, did something I NEVER do, ran a running total down side of glaze quantities to see if it was written in percentages..DOn't do this at home. I then multiplied by 10 to get a decent trial for testing..wait for it Nutmeg R.T. Wgt in gms Dolomite 23.30 233 Spod 23.30 46.6 233 called away to help :-(( Frit 3134 6.8 53.4 534 alarm bells OM4 23.30 76.7 767 bigger alarm bells Silica 23.30 100 233 and the additions to colour I was called away again, don't ever be nice, it works against you , came back and re added the tin oxide, I think,.... OM4 threw me, ball clay is what this old lady knows this by and we also have here whiting sold as OMny carb, but I was aware of this so got the right ingredient, feeling pretty pleased with self, would think knowing the total should be 1000g all up...nope, even thought, well that's a lot of frit for a "cheap" glaze.... scraped the bottom of my container getting enough....and that's a lot of ball clay... Anyway, I put it on the inside and top third outside of a single left on the shelf mug., fired it to cone 6 with a fifteen minute hold last night, woke up to be there to see kiln turn off 2.15am,, had to wait a bit, and the penny dropped onto my frontal lobe!!!!!! SO question to you guys with the chemical slant on life, what will the result be? I think the frit:clay went from a 1:3.4ish to 1:1.4sh, not even sure of that on this fine day..... so it will be on my shelf??? When applied it took a while to dry on pot and I was thinking about that too Moral of the story don't run a running tally anywhere near your recipe, put ear muffs on so can't hear other peoples" dramas. Double check your maths Don't be nice. Have a safe New Year oh what do i add to make this right? just joking but for those who like mathematical challenges.
  13. Prediction required

    Yip I was smiling so wide my face ached all morning. I was hopeful because of the amount of Ball clay. It was at the side of the top shelf I had visions of it dripping all the way to the bottom. If anything it was a tad underfired. So in the scheme of things, Glazenerd was about the mark. Amazingly i get where you're at, rockhopper, with the maths. will do a test of Nutmeg to see if I really want this glaze, this batch I think is destined to be mixed with a high gloss one which I do not like, just played with randomly.. B
  14. Prediction required

    High Bridge RIO 1.07 Yel Ochre 3.24 TIn Oxide 4.85 Bentonite 1.94. By the looks I did not double the tin oxide. The photo makes it much more shiny that it appears just sitting on a table. It's actually much more of a blah brown, no interaction with the lower glaze, a Rockingham brown. I'll try again with a batch before going to the 8000g batch though I appreciate the effort spent doing the Maths. I'll go look for an image of Nutmeg first.
  15. Prediction required

    yes, random indeed. I have Greg Daly's book and have "randomly" used a few . It's interesting and as long as you use biscuits to save shelves , fun. takes away the fear of playing. Highbridge, the colorants were RIO, Tin and major Yellow Ochre by cones my kiln didn't quite get a touching toe 6 I'll place a pic, in a few mins. Rockhopper, knew there would be a maths freak lurking. Potters come with many obsessions. Thanks. All
  16. Glaze wash-out!!

    If the glazes are "transparent" then yes they will "fade" when placed on a non white body, which you are using. I'm guessing that they are fired to the correct temperature? When placed over underglaze, then the colour WILL be truer to the chart, grey body not showing through. White slip made from e.g. Walkers 103 , porcelaineous, white when fired to temp you're going to, is much cheaper to apply and works well bringing colours up to where you want. You can use whatever clay fires white at temp you're going to, test to see it fits. Make a slip with a few drops of sodium silicate to lessen the amount of water required to make it the right consistencey thus avoiding cracking due to too much shrinking,, apply it at trimming stage of leather hard . If using only on outside, dampen the other surfaces too, to even the moisture, then underglaze colours and your well stirred glazes should pop.
  17. Glazes That Break

    Ron, not sure about the stuff you've got in US, but it had a reputation for being hazardous to user re. Inhaling it as breaks down. I had a gas kiln lined with it and yes it was coated, top loader, roof sagged and became friable with age. Marcia knows, she uses it in the method above ie moving it to place on lid, but I wouldn't be stuffing around with it continuously, Does come in lots of forms now, bats of it. I'd try firing without it first to see results of firing down with pyrometer.
  18. is it coming out of a pugmill? I cut off same lengths, yes, put a couple of lengths in p. Bag, then store them in polystyrene boxes, grabbed from supermarket box bins lengths I cut to fit length f these boxes which are lidded, stack well, and can be reused. Keeps moist v. Long time. Don't go to garbage bin. Truly horrible to get clay from.
  19. Lepidolite

    Thank you for giving us an explanation, Pres, Respect is key to human communication and community wellbeing. I also hope John realises the great need this forum has for a member of such integrity ,knowledge and ability to deliver this to others so willingly. Thank you again Pres. I also hope John returns. He has been wiped, even his likes have gone, I hope his rich past posts are not also deleted.
  20. let's hope not! Would be a great loss, though I noticed his name has Guest in front of it on some old posts. he talks having walked a long, long, distinguished walk in the fields of ceramics, not many can do that with such humility, and in plain speak for al the forum participants. No ego attached to his replies and explanations.. so my question is as above, what has happened to John?
  21. gold used in fillings not pure, some googler will fill you with the other metal which is much harder than gold. silver filling ,amalgum containing mercury for one, again a googler will put it up here. one point in time people were getting those fillings ripped out but research showed the toxins released in process worse than or faster than leaving in place. so total burden is the issue as always
  22. Mark said it,bad choice of words omb, wax resist,the technique,, various waxes as Mark listed , I meant solid wax requiring melting, and the other stuff. good luck
  23. Glazes That Break

    I once placed cer. Fib. On an old kiln lid. It had a little swing cover over a hole on top of kiln. I don't know what it ws for cos I wouldn't be looking down there! Any way the little swing cover melted.

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