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  1. Babs

    Faux Salt Glaze Texture Cone 5/6

    I've succeeded with some stuffed up glaze applications.......
  2. By the way:-))))) drink the chamomile, smooth with chamois said shall leather from the chamois....:-))))) auto prompt eh? Sorry Stephen I was trying to quote Shawn...... If fiddling now maybe run a damp sponge over rim before fiddling. Sanding protect your lungs very carefully. Dust in air for hours unless done outside.
  3. Spoon trays and small pots jugs and vases, and any unglazed chimes etc. No space left untouched. Energy prices rising.....
  4. WI use the notch betwen my index finger and middle finger. Think in gives the illusion of more refined rim, haven' t lost it in the scraps yet.... Handle attaching to mug compress so glaze doesn' sit thicker there or get air bubbles... Go Shawn, well done
  5. Babs

    Flaking burnished surface

    And quantity of oil used. Furnishing lot of elbow grease and a bit of spit:-)))
  6. Babs

    Flaking burnished surface

    Yeh I'd drop the oil . Oil would burn out and produce the flakiness as it would be mixed with the clay on the surface. Folk polish pots with oil or beeswax on a sheepskin pad after firing.
  7. Babs

    Flaking burnished surface

    At what stage of drying are you burnishing?
  8. You should be able to enter a ramp rate the same as your other kiln i.e. if you were firing at a specified fmrise in temp/ hr in your old kiln you will be able to enter that rate and finishing temp in your new. Download a manual or ring Paragon.
  9. I use a wooden rib or credit card to smooth out the inside of mugs, then the last shaping pull leaves very little Mark. Easier to clean , ridges of tannin not attractive to the visitors:-// Sponge on other end of brush as a liquid remover
  10. Following on from my enquiry re trimming lids, some floks like to make aflange on lid v. a galley. Why and what do you prefer?
  11. Well it depends on the appetite:-/....700 ml of glaze allows for Eureka
  12. What is a movie theatre bucket? Sounds a useful item. I use a cereal container tall and narrow to glaze small plates vertically with a little glaze volume. Now what have others used for pots?
  13. Babs

    Finding similar glaze color

    Way too cryptic:-)))
  14. Babs

    old Gare kiln issue

    Do you have to select the correct thermocouple on the controller? I would get weird readings if I did not do this with a hand held digital pyrometer I had . Just saying
  15. Old friend Pugaboo did a lot of bead earrings she made her own trees Search her name Think she had gallery images of her trees.
  16. Babs

    Paragon LT-3 Kiln Over Firing

    Kiln wash on cone supprting surfaces of sitter parts..
  17. Babs

    How to cut a kiln shelf in half?

    Think that's a photo of bottom of shelf. Looks like kiln wash on face nearest table top
  18. Babs

    Paragon LT-3 Kiln Over Firing

    A ell sounds like if you replace that wire you're sorted. The sitter rod diminishes in diameter over time...May be visually ok but can affect the drop...just saying The other thing I had to do to get the drop aligned to the cone I was aiming for was to adjust where the little latch sits so the "drop bar" was sitting a little off vertical. Can' see how a corroded relay would be the culprit but hopefully you'll let us know.
  19. Babs

    Paragon LT-3 Kiln Over Firing

    New batch of glaze....thicker application. Is the sitter the only control of end of firing. May need a sitter rod replacement but how do you know if the sitter cone is your only indicator of final temp/ beatwork done
  20. Babs

    Well, There's Your Problem!

    Hope it works well for you Benzine. I got a kiln from school over 40 yrs ago. Rebricked and new elements from similar story.... but no longer reached temp quickly..last bit a quote. I got it home , asked later it the teacher had the bungs..... what are they anotherquote. So having melted the kiln , got a rebuild, then got a new kiln.....oh to have that amount of power with the money givers. Only got rid of that kiln a few years ago.
  21. Babs

    Paragon LT-3 Kiln Over Firing

    I always use the sitter as a "final shut off..I.e. if I drop off the perch. I control the shut off by temp and cone change. Cones placed as Benzine says in view from peep holes. Sitter a safety device.... but it's good to know it trips at approx right time. What speed are you firing At? This also can affect the temp at which the kiln sitter cone lets the bar drop.
  22. Would think it would burn off given the circumstances. Prob stamped on body so kiln packer doesn' have to turn everybody over to read bisque date. Other folk with terra sig. Ware from that process? Maybe your pot placed on wrong trolley?? Good luck Wonder what temp bisque to
  23. Babs

    COE and Thickness

    Not boring! Why are you after a thick layer of transparency?
  24. Babs

    COE and Thickness

    Ah gives me hope and sustenance on reading you guys actually still have problems:-)))) AND I love reading your methodical informed resolution process. Thanks. Babs

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