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  1. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    I have one, commmercial which requires a bit more oomph to smooth it, a blue and to that I add a little of my glaze.
  2. PQotW: Week 30

    1. 4 2: 4 3: 1 4: 3 but I know them as salt pigs:-00 Have the book, down the shed, maybe I'll get there today. Double cataract op no dust allowed for a while.
  3. wow,master fixer! still, beer in lap more comfortable than hot coffee, have you followed this pitcher owner's life:-00000
  4. Caro Syrup , I , from another hemishpere, use "golden Syrup, which describes its colour. but the ingreient is cane sugar based, and have used, ex brit, sugar beet based Golden syrup, so in Poland I am sure you will have access to beet syrup, what is used to make toffee, biscuits etc. Thick golden stuff. Provides stick factor. Callie, I had a jar of Spooze made up so just used it, but I would not recommend mending handles on functional ware with anything. Just wouldn't risk a cup of hot liquid landing where it wasn't supposed to...
  5. I didn't read that the sculpture was made of paper clay but that a cure was paper clay... Spooze does work, if Benzine is reading he may have a few tips, and I know Marcia has used it sucessfully on sculptures. People have added paper to teh spooze with success also, but you need to make sure it is dried thoroughly before refiring.
  6. Search on forums for SPOOZE , it uses unfired clay and paper can be added to that recipe.
  7. A stoneware cup.

    great pots Joseph!must be so rewarding for you
  8. Raku Proposal For School

    think you should do some trial runs Tyler. or are you just doing the confirmation talk to reassure yourself? you need the process off pat before children come on board and the what ifs cove re d b
  9. if it comes thickish in comparison to dipping glazez, you could test ading Darvan or sodium silicate to it to thin it without adding more water. this would reduce the shrinkage on the pot. sodium silicate added to porcelain slip gives it a harder" surface when it dries imo
  10. PQotW: Week 29

    1: 4 2: 3 3: 1 but I want to say no. Of people wanting a cuppa 4: 3
  11. too hard, but before this forum, Hamer and Hamer but some really inspiational other books I keep returning to. I say before this forum because I am isolated and H & H answers a lot of my questions.
  12. well Pres and Marcia, it's maybe a given that your responses will be liked! I do use paper, latex and wax resists and I guess texture.so only the high bits get caught by new colour application never used shellac, what's involved with that? I do resist getting drawn into the is it art or craft debate..
  13. I resist the urge to give in to answering my phone when working,going politely to lunch when called when I am in the throes......
  14. Acrylic Paint Removal

    could rebisque it if studio well ventilated
  15. chris's got it! musical whistle thingies big thick coils pots which they then hammer into another shape entirely pots that bifurcate, love the word, can't remember exact meaning, great for cactii
  16. when you say "layered the glaze over the two tests,one brushed ,one dipped in Obs. how did you layer? one brushed?, one dipped? if one worked I.e.brushed/brushed and dipped/ brushed or dippe/dipped th en I'd guess that you lessen your dip time, or thin your glaze. now your dipping glaze is in soln. Test cups and measured amount of stirred glaze in each cup measured additions of water which you then can extrapolate to w ha t you need to add to your bucketful after finding the one that works
  17. Can I save this mug?

    better question why did this happen? then you know what to tweak
  18. get crackin'...I think
  19. Well, I also like all the processes.. yes, i gaze at the clay which requires recycling but when et into it I enjoy the process and feel very religious afterwards!1 It's the dealing with public, dropping stuff off to Galleries that don" t like. But an assistant who would clean my house do the shopping and all the other things that keep me away from my shed, well, that I would welcome.
  20. Kiln Install on Deck

    it's that rare commodity, common sense. high temp, flammable substance don't place side by side. why risk anything when a simple solution exists , don't thnk egos involved here , fires nearly always affect more than just who is responsible. I live with a kiln, wood fires and stove on edge of an Australian scrubland. So guess what my kiln and stoves are sitting on and backed by? Not wood. don't know why yurt always brings yoghurt to mind, breakfast calls
  21. Chilly I have a heavyish bolt I drop into the hole which depresses the lever, usually activated by the door/lid. This allows me to gave the lid/door ajar to let any steam escape....
  22. Don't know how to see Members' gallery

    1. Joseph F

      Joseph F

      Go to the browse tab at the top, then there is a sub area called Gallery.

    2. Babs


      yeh but in old forum you could go to everyone's albums in Members where there was an alphabetical list of all members and one could access their albums not just recent uploads..

    3. LeeU


      When you go to the Gallery, click on the box at the top left box labeled "Members Gallery". It is all members with gallery pics and has 42 pages, though not alphabetical by member name or the avatar name.