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  1. Babs

    COE and Thickness

    Not boring! Why are you after a thick layer of transparency?
  2. Babs

    COE and Thickness

    Ah gives me hope and sustenance on reading you guys actually still have problems:-)))) AND I love reading your methodical informed resolution process. Thanks. Babs
  3. Babs

    Another new B

    Or a bit of knowledge and a lot of "it depends "with a slash of paranoia. And I'll be the one to save it all....... Interesting but decrypting the crap would help. Really want to know How, ask specific direct questions directly lin k ed to job in hand. Great ceramist in the mix. But wouldn't spend time to decipher what proverbial floats from the solids
  4. Babs

    Another new B

    Better in my post should have read Hatter auto prompt wins again.
  5. Clean tidy and attractive to many! Well done. Still saying your colours would have popped on white cloth:-)))
  6. Babs

    Another new B

    Now leaked.....mad better syndrome coming up or is it there already?
  7. The pots being porous??? You may as Gabby suggested be able to remove a lot by using water but I don' think the clay will release all the oxide from its cavities Strong jets of water, steam cleaner?? Unless paint, stripper a bit drastic
  8. Babs

    Did I get it wrong

    So you fired with only the inside glazed to1200? And now you are to apply outside glaze and retire? Would be pretty difficult to apply glaze successfully I think. Is it just the bottom of interior which is crawled? Glass would craze imo
  9. You need to ask if applied post or pre firing and what is in the ink. That way you can act accordingly.
  10. What cone are you firing to? What is the recommended cone to fire your clay body? Sounds like your clay is underscored. That's the starting point imo Then you can work on the glaze fit
  11. Put your pots on a white cloth, the coloured cloths hide the true beauty of your coloured pots imo. Don't talk down your work. Filter on your mouth. All the best.I
  12. Babs

    orton numbering

    DrDon' think they are Orton...saw a chart which was headed "German, Staffordshire French cones" and it contained lettering after the number as op wrote. www.nzdl.org
  13. Babs

    Send me to the store

    Wow yappy that red iron and water is a stunner:/)) Looks Good on that bonsai pot, still not sure re. Glaze..... So what is your list of purchases??
  14. Babs

    Send me to the store

    What cone are you firing to? Gloss, satin matte matter finish? Glaze with only red iron and water....Don't think that would make a glaze Yappy student!! Great you're starting out making glazes. Exciting stuff! If you let's know what the cone is I am sure you'll get what you're after

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