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  1. reading Deanna Ranlett's article on firing down she writes "500deg /hr to 1900deg(I program my kiln9999deg/gr to 1900 deg to avoid error message if the kiln can't cool at the rate" don't get the logic behind this, read hr instead of gr above..... anyone explain, if I understand, I remember:-\
  2. Babs

    Food safety in glazes

    no, liner glaze alone in interior of pot. decorative glaze outside, I put liner down outside, where lips touch pot if I have a questionable glaze on outside.
  3. do you know plants? different pots for different plants. quiet pots for noisy plants, noisy pots for noisy plants, quiet pots for quiet plants???
  4. I know a great podiatrist
  5. having had pink halos on green decorated majolica ware, the white of the maj glaze coming from tin, the green of the decor. coming from chrome it does work! Also subsequent firings of white tin glaze an "pick up' from kiln atmosphere enough chrome to cause blushing...can't recall the name of this effect 'fugitive" comes to mind
  6. agree with above re shape for potting on or reporting. the inside bottoms are bowl shaped. This isn't reflected by your flat bottomed shaping of outer bottom. This is an aesthetic I love but also means that the way you have trimmedends up with a bottom which varies in thickness which can lead to cracking from uneven drying... some fo lk don't glaze the entire inside of planters. Thick walled planters protect plants from extremes of temp.variation, just saying.
  7. that's a lot of metal! could use it nowhere near glaze but def. Not on inside. .33 black copper: .66 many will give a bronze effect on own tests are the way to go not food safe
  8. Babs

    Making underglazes from powders

    why not go for coloured slips, if your clay is white just use that plus stain. Mix with water but when it's thickish use a defloc like sodium silicate, couple of drops. This will make it fluid without extra water. use on moist leather hard work. if clay is red o coloured buy a bag of porcelain. And yes, ball clay, well ones I'm familiar with will dull the colour. some stains are WYSIWYG and others are not. I used to label jars thus.
  9. Babs

    Crispy Cone

    I 'd be tempted to bisque minus the top till temp gets to where every thing in on high and at that time switch the top one on...... can load that part more densely, Imo, to offset the impact, not very scientific, but logical to my brain. the pyrometer sits fairly close to top , so should be indicating temp reached close to top element??
  10. Orton says don't go bad ......if stored under the conditions....so it depends. still a bit grey...thhe witness cone didn't change, was crumby.v odd still not sure what caused kiln to turn off if this was a witness cone or the cone in sitter? short power outage??
  11. going back to original post, what cone didn't melt if the k.s. Tripped?
  12. do you have a pyrometer, any idea of temp? any idea of colour inside kiln at shut off? if timer wasn't on what shut your kiln down? have you any bisqued pieces from different load? See if they ping to same sound. Or are same colour
  13. is C 05 the recommended cone for this claybody. There is a claybody. Vitreous china which fires really low and can melt to a puddle a bit higher up. There is a thread here on yarn bowls but a lot of the hints to remedy are referring to the making process of which you have no control. a firing schedule would help with the advice given. get info from maker for recommended temp for g.firing
  14. Babs

    Crispy Cone

    change one thing at a time so you know, log temp hourly and temp range and hours into firing. did the sitter 's drop coincide with temp reached? so who's in control here? got a kiln god, did you keep tongue in left nostril throughout? smile
  15. ye with Pres and Old Lady. it s a skill to have the "holding" hand be just that and not a ever tightening vice.. better still place your cup on a banding wheel and keep hands off ! I don't ever use handles until out of the glost.

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