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  1. Following some posts in QOTW how do you open up the clay after centering?
  2. Do a few "normally"! How long did it take to learn to throw? Well the other way will be quicker because you bring along the feel of the clay, and the basic technique and positioning which you had to learn first time around......speed of wheel and so on Do you centre on the normal side...just trying to work out how weird things Are?? Doing it both ways would certainly even up the wear and tear on the body. Maybe I'll go back to my natural side ...
  3. Big pots go slow and place them on, i use fine grog, others use other stuff. This allows them to move smoothly as they contract during firing. Bungs out till..I leave out till 600 ... then all in until kiln is cool. Don' crack it before 150 others go lower. Kiln furniture bricks etc don' like it. Go make more pots if you are tempted.
  4. Could be that you spend some time at the beginning of a work day throwing on the other side. A former moderator here had a set of throwing lessons which started with throwing a number of cylinders with set weight etc . I start my day by throwing s number of cylinders which are smahed....gets the feel of the clay of the day and my brain focussed on the job not remaining in the day's trivia... Because I am ambidextrous I would focus on learning left hand actions from time to time so I was able to help or demo for those sinister students. Amazing no. of folk on this forum are lefties...
  5. Babs


    NOW you have me scared! My questions were really aimed at the original poster because I thought maybe the prob.is " sloppy" arms and body..... In my post above I meant to write the fingers of my left hand tests on top of pot and is braced into one with my right hand which holds the tool. How did you take that selfie????
  6. Does your wheel turn clockwise? I threw exactly as you do but with the wheel still turningcounterclock wise. I think because I do lots of practical stuff l.handed. A friend insisted I should persist doing as others do as the clay was coming at me...her words.... prob ruined my career....didn' know I could get a wheel to accommodate my hand position. Another said sit at the other end. Now I know that person was fooling with my brain Being nearly 3 score years and 10 maybe I'll try again right side of body worn out, nothing to lose. .
  7. Babs


    I fix the elbows bit of left hand on pot and rest on tool and tool hand about 4 or 5 o clock unless trying to chatter then tool hand is further from body like the tool is trying to catch the pot before it spins around the corner and so the tool gets bouncy.... Perfect picture????
  8. Babs

    Faded colored slip

    Sorry you used a clear glaze is it the glaze or slip which is streaky? Streaky showing underlying clay colour? Need to apply more coats of slip or a thicker slip. More colour product in your slips would intensify. Most colours pop under a clear glaze if it is not applied too thickly or overfired. Maybe run a few test pots
  9. Babs

    Faded colored slip

    Are u putting a white glaze on top of coloured slip...a well yrs it will disappar most colours unless strong cobalt or other v strong colours How are you applying your white glaze ?
  10. Babs


    Like GEPs description. Where are your hands in relation to your body...have you got them fixed or is it all getting away from you.... Grip of death sounds ok..
  11. Depending o the clay there are a couple of interesting molecular structural changes in the clay last one occurring about 580 C ish. From memory. 570 rings a louder bell. The size of certain molecule in clay body expands quite significantly. Thus my slower rise to 600d C Hope clay glaze nerd pops in here. But if your clay handles the quick rise.....
  12. Babs

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    500 F or C F I guess
  13. Babs

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    Yeh depends on mass of pack as well..if op heard noises at turn off could have been surrounding structures contracting..some ware won' handle to top crash down
  14. Babs

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    Ceramic fibre kiln.? It will drop like a rock. Fire down
  15. Babs

    How did you learn to fire your own kiln?

    Portokiln...you in Australia? Search John Eagle a Victorian potter. He wrote an article in Pottery in Australia but now named "the journal of Australian Ceramics" on reduction firing. He gets beautiful colour variances with reoxidation towards end of firing, blushes instead of the ubiquitous red and gets beautiful colours by Appling washes over the glazes he uses. You may get insight from this potter on his firing schedules.

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