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  1. I won' ask Rex I dipped half of bowls in glaze late one night early morning...packed them in and fired...1/2 glazed bowls came out.....I successfully dipped still warm pots in a thicker glaze...had a bucket needing more H20 just serendipity, and left a tiny in glaze strip between the glazed and new glazed ..it worked. Kiln God got sympathetic with a tired mum
  2. I've mixed an oxide with CMC and brushed that on top and it has fluxes in to give as Neil suggests a contrast to initial glaze
  3. I've mixed an oxide with CMC and brushed that on top and it has fluxes in to give as Neil suggests a contrast to initial glaze
  4. Mark please don' use bisque fix for that crack in your brain!!!!
  5. Babs

    Understanding COE

    Optimist Neil.....but true it depends and testing .....:-)))) And reading I get OMG I understand this or am I just remembering past knowledge..... So all attempts to solve probs gratefully received.
  6. Babs

    Calcined Zinc Oxide

    From memory calcined may be a little creamer coloyr than non calcined. But my memory not as reliable. Guess you could test a small batch see if in fact it is same as previous purchase presuming you'll be using same recipe.. Remembering a thread on "hardened zinc" that said that can use as equivalent I.e.no calculation required just substitute..do a search and read answers.
  7. Babs

    Peeling slip after glaze firing

    Yeh but..only a handful of potssss........ Her glaze is a cone 3 which she is firing to cone 1..... Her clay is... Lots of enigmas here. And because as JB said more than once. "It depends ..." Has OP kept any good pots to see how they age? I would start where it is easy. Where how and when slip of constant mixture is applied.....and is successful. Replicate that... Still hoping John gets bored Ha ha ha or retires from a few of his activities and is driven to sorting us out again..
  8. Babs

    Peeling slip after glaze firing

    It's only happening "To a handful of pots per firing" right? Have they the same form? Are the same shelf of kiln? Are they the same dryness when applying slip? Only a handful...check that out.... I wouldn't be fiddling with glaze etc till that is sorted.
  9. Babs

    Woodley leach wheel head removal

    What about one of those thingiues for removing bearings from shafts?? Just that if you clout the wheel ead in one spot you may make it stick firmly in another spot
  10. Babs

    Woodley leach wheel head removal

    Just throw on it. Cleaning is much overrated:-/
  11. Babs

    Woodley leach wheel head removal

    Z http://supportyourlocalpotter.blogspot.com/2011/09/anatomy-of-treadle-wheel.html?m=1 Says a thing relevant here. Sounds like wheel head fits on tapered shaft and Take!!! off but read for self
  12. Babs

    Peeling slip after glaze firing

    I think that the rims are drying out a bit too much before applying the slip. It may still look fine after the bisque but separates more during the glaze firing. I run a brush dipped in water over entire pot prior to appying slip. This helps the laying on of slip and helps moisten pot all over. Hope this helps...can cover rims with ceram wrap to avoid rims becoming drier than rest of pot
  13. Babs

    slow leaking pots

    Take a mug and piece of paper with you. Leave it full of water for duration of class. Sometimes eyeballing the evidence can be very effective in supporting your questions. May be teacher doesn't use this clay for her own work OR fires it to a different cone. Get the name and firing info from box or company....May be a big differece in cone reached over the shelves of the kiln.. Good luck.
  14. Babs

    Waxing and dishwashers

    Not sure how durable but a potter used to seal to g with slate sealer or the likes after firing.......but that was on vases which wouldn't be in d.washer all the time... just saying
  15. Babs

    cracks in cake plates

    Where in your kiln is it sitting. Can exacerbate the points made above

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