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  1. Well done you! Stand proud. Just visited your profile to see avatar up close..happy birthday .
  2. Misunderstanding..though should have guessed, I thought your clay was blown in from the Sahara:-)))) Aeolian clay.
  3. So your Saharan clay could be likened to the Loess clay of Asia and parts of Europe.
  4. Well no expert in this but I gawk with amazement at the amazingly low prices that you guys pay for anything pottery related . So buy and pack everything! I am in Australia. Recently bought 1 bag of clay to try a new clay. $30 Aus.for10kgs. New toploader single phase medium kiln $10000
  5. If you're a specific gravity man then perhaps the older glaze SG has increased...evaporation or water uptake on pots effect...
  6. Ok feel more secure by the monent. Luam if you have rurile in both yoyr glazes it can produce a matte. John Britt proved that on one of his video Referring to your double dip in strontium post
  7. don't see any banner! Where isit, saw it a couple of days ago and left acting on it till got to my PC... where is it, or has it just faded away?
  8. Well it. Will depend on the two recipes but you have to fettle any bubbles formed at glazing time or they just stau there. Min advised spraying top of glaze in bucket with hairspray to disperse any bubbles there between stirring and dipping pots. Mine is very sensitive to glaze thickness. In gas it would vary from a satin turquoise to a black matte xepending k. Position i. Kiln and atmosphere. One glaze a link and blue used to spit off the pot onto shelf. It was banned . Cant remember recipe but beautiful when it did what was expected. C'est la vie!.. not boring
  9. No engobe there I think. Just a matte glaze. Wouldn't add sand but a granular ironstone.
  10. Well not wasted can make a small amount and if you like glaze well mix bigger batch of that and pour test into bucket. Only a small batch wasted...or some folk pour all their bits and bobs of glazes into one bucket and see how thst fires...
  11. Only if rough stuff.... ilmenite fine "sand "gives small speckles Havent seen it come as rough cut
  12. Well mix a small amoubt of glaze using the strontium carb above mentioned . If you gavw anotger sourxe of strontium carb mix up same glaze using that . Place both on pieces of biscuit xlay. Fire and see if results the same .. Strontium usually gives vivid blues with copper I think. Check glazyorg for recipe containing strontium. Used to replace barium carb sometimes
  13. Take it to local potter or ceramic gallery and ask there
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