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  1. Found as Neil but culprit usually had cobalt or iron in it if ran. Why not go painterly on your greeware. Save a firing.
  2. As Pres, glaze pack then I start kiln late also but get up a few times to check. Natural insomniac . Then do as Pres does bungs i n except one and am there at "off"time to "supervise" the computer:-). My schedule negates need to candle for glaze firing .
  3. That glaze almost looks underfired. Definitely doesn't look a high gloss. Unfired is there any pitting?
  4. Ok ok Liam:-)) I meant below 100 deg C young man !!! Like sieve fine then place blumps in a pan with some glaze and heat to see if blumps get into solution... What do you think??
  5. What would heating the glaze do???
  6. Try laying the ter Sig on as opposed to painting it on.. Lh bare patches are on top of a ridge by the looks so you may be inadvertently brushing it off instead of laying it on. Brush in different directions... Dip?? Instead of brush.. spray ??
  7. So nice to see your work and see you again! Lovely pot.
  8. Elwmwctric blanket not a good idea at all. Forget I wrote that:-)
  9. I never put tank in bath, 80kg bottles here, I just poured water over or put a hose on them but really not good practice unless desperate like 3.30a.m. and just want to lie down forever:-)) and no other gas supply. Elecric banket or other lagging may help in cold climates I have no experience with those so I just switched to other tank when I got them in line.
  10. Colour in kiln can help you gauge the temp. I would keep on low till red just appears. Then med ans high as above Time that first section. If takes hours and hours wdll you might want to adjust. This is for a bisque firing. Pres has a lovely chart he has posted a few times over the years perhaps you will find that in searching here
  11. Yeh we've all done that. Guess it depends on a lot of things eh!
  12. Yeh but if have 2 the switch over at high end is less work.....been there, done that. Iced tank going nowhere re finishing firing.
  13. If have two tanks and one in use shows freezing switch to other tank immediately. The emptier tank can be usdd up at start of firing next time.
  14. Can only give 1 like darn it!!!! A treasure in deed. Just put my red dot name and addresss on that one leeU in case I outlive you:-)))) Better name it phoenix. Hope that kiln is dismantled and finds a worthy home!
  15. I was firing an early made fibre kiln. Zoomed up and crash cooled so had to be listened to. I just used to put miniscule amount of copper in a majolica glaze I used both in oxidation and reduction when firing in the gas kiln so yes the tin was there as well as the zinc. Cone 5/6 How to reach the bottom???? A top loader? Lovely footage of Lucy Rie head down bottom up into a top loader at age of about 90 so go for it but have some stabilizer for your legs, a friendly hand on rear or keep up those back strengthening asanas:-))
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