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  1. Learning How To Throw

    I have just discovered the videos on YouTube made by Hsin-Chuen Lin. I've only watched a few so far (more than once) and have found them to be the best of any others I've seen. He is amazing...assumes nothing, and is so patient and clear in all of his instructions. Invaluable!!
  2. Glazing On Lace Pottery

    I am fairly new to pottery, but have a couple of suggestions. One, look up Maggie Weldon. I can't find glazing advice for her pieces, but you may get some inspiration. Second, I have tried this: impress a doily (I used a plastic one) in a slab of clay. When the slab is completely dry, brush underglaze (2 or 3 coats) on the doily section, if the whole piece isn't impressed. Let dry, then use a green scrubby and/or damp sponge to wipe off the excess, leaving the underglaze only in the pattern. After it is bisqued, brush on one quick coat only of watered down clear glaze. This is important! If you dip the piece or brush on too much, the underglaze color will "bleed" out of the lace design. Hope this helps!
  3. Using a mold for a bowl

    It's on the outside, which I know is trickier because it shrinks.
  4. I am new to pottery and used a metal bowl for a mold. I did spray with WD40, and my instructor told me to take it home and watch it so it didn't dry too long. That was 2 days ago, but I have it wrapped and inside of a covered plastic bin. The clay is still quite wet. I'm really quite unsure how to get it off of the mold. It doesn't seem to want to come off. Did I wait too long or not long enough? How do I know how and when to remove it? (should have asked her for more direction!). Thanks for any help! Cindy