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  1. I do not have that field in my settings page. -B
  2. Our First Show ...

    I'm just a hobby thrower and use my local xmas craft fare to clear my shelves so I can make more pieces. I usually sell around $400 and only take a table full of stuff. I live in a very small town so I imagine in a more populous area you could probably move a lot more. Some pieces are harder to let go than others. -Brian
  3. What Are You Working On?

    My giant ring holders worked great for holding up my flutes during glaze firing. Setting my sites on throwing some vessels for Raku. Are there classic or traditional shapes for Raku? I've been using Potter's choice copper, are there better glazes? Later, BS
  4. Template Material ?

    I use Illustrator to do my designs then print them out, laminate them in clear packing tape strips, then cut them with an x-acto knife or scissors. The patterns stick just enough to the clay and are flexible but do not get wet. If I need to replace, I just print another out. Drawing in Illustrator allows me to to scale, match pieces of slab to each other, take measurements while throwing, compensate for shrinkage etc. I highly recommend for some applications. -BS
  5. I am after some advise about a pottery class where pinch pots are made, then dried for a day or two and then pit fired in a reproduction earth lodge. My questions are: Do you think the clay will dry enough in two days to survive a pit fire with beginner made pots? Are there any safety concerns with fumes from the clay in the somewhat confined area? If the pots are not completely dry, is there any risk of injury from exploding pots and people standing around the fire? Are there any other risks or safety ideas that should be considered or other advice? Thanks, -BS
  6. Trimming Issues

    Hey Pres, could I bug you for a photo of that PVC chuck for griffin grip?
  7. Glazing Flutes

    I was able to trim the giant ring holder after it set up a bit and remove the wedge at the bottom. I set a dry green flute on it before I took it off the wheel and it stood up perfectly with the end of the flute resting on the bottom plate part. I will still bisque them lying flat on the shelf but hopefully the bending will be reduced at ^6 with it standing on end. Now I need to throw a bunch of them. -Brian
  8. Glazing Flutes

    I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions, thank you. My flutes use a slow air chamber which I believe is known as Fipple. The design is popularly known as Native American Flute even though I believe they are a fairly modern European design also used in pipe organs. flutopedia is an awesome resource on flutes, here is one of their entries on fipple: http://flutopedia.com/fipple.htm I will not be glazing where the fetish (the piece that directs the air to the cutting edge) or the inside of the body of the flute. I will be brushing glaze on carefully keeping it out of the inside of the holes. They bisque fine fine laying on their side but I've never fired one to cone 6. They do survive a pit fire with minimum curving. I just threw a giant ring holder a few minutes ago, maybe that will work. Need to make a bunch of them if it does. I found that form kind of hard to throw it is so small for my large hands. Do you think it would be better hollow? Eventually I would like to try an Raku these things so I need to be able to get some tongs on them while they are in the kiln without knocking over the others.
  9. Flutes

  10. flute Furnature

    From the album Flutes

  11. Glazing Flutes

    I am only glazing on the outside, firing to cone 6. I was thinking about making some stilts and firing them to hold the flute from the end hole and where the the fetish goes. They might sag though. I wonder if there are any kiln furniture for this purpose. -B
  12. Glazing Flutes

    Anyone have any idea how I can glaze fire my ceramic flutes? I tried throwing a plate and putting 1/2" coils sticking upright thinking I could stand them on end, fail. They are too weak at the join. I only want to glaze the outside. They are about 18" x 1" with 3/4" inside diameter. I'd like to be able to glaze 12 or so at a time. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. -Brian
  13. Custom Extruder Templates

    I have ordered custom dies from Tyler Allanson at T.A. Metalworks http://www.tametalworks.com/ He uses a CNC machine to cut them out of a smooth 1/2" plastic that wipes clean. His prices are reasonable and he accepts dxf files which is cool for those of us that use computers to do some design. -Brian
  14. PeterH, Thanks for the links, that Pinterest link is killer! -B
  15. How do you suppose a pot like this was made? The form and the foot are fairly simple, but the "deco" lines escape me. I have attempted Teco/Grueby deco with small coils then press the edges into leaf like details with a rubber rib. However, the Wright form stumps me. Also, if anyone has any info on how the Grueby pots were decorated, I would appreciate the share. -Brian