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    all ceramic processes, ceramic and general art education, science & engineering, general literature, languages (fluent in Spanish, read in Portuguese and Italian), help run a cooperative art gallery
  1. In all of this, let's remember that sculpture has a function - to be seen, and sometimes to be enjoyed! And if it's ugly or degenerate (in whose eyes?) it's at the very least educational. John Klure, Riverside, CA
  2. I've used Lana's "Magic Water" successfully for putting extruded handles on mugs. I've also used slip of the same clay (from the slurry bucket the next day) with the same success. However, I think the basic factor in my joining work is sealing up the joinery under plastic for two or three days after the joining is done. It doesn't really cost me any time, because I'm always making other things duriing the days of enforced slow drying.
  3. Local potter-Riverside, Ca.USA

  4. Retired H.S./Middle Sch. ceramics teacher-40 yrs. in ceramics. Board Mmbr.-local art assoc. Exhibit and sell locally.