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  1. Thanks kindly, Jim! Best regards - Bob
  2. Greetings to all - this is my first post - thought provoking article about Scott Cooper, and equally thought provoking thread. And I appreciate Dr. Jed's post. As a self-employed academically inclined solo practice (hand) surgeon with 20 years of ongoing self-employment and 30+ years of teaching young surgeons, I also have "legs" firmly planted in art and music and enjoy all 3. I see a pendulum in constant swing between artistic uniqueness and scientific reproducibility - commercial pleasures and frustrations at both poles and plenty of territory in between them. Maybe I'm too old to compartmentalize very well, but I see all reimbursed and unreimbursed arts and crafts and sciences as creative rehearsal spaces that inform each other and keep the pendulum in swing. Warm regards to all members - glad to have found this forum. - Bob (cracked my Eb clarinet bell, threw another just in time for the gig - urgently necessary functional pottery):