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  1. Copper Sulphate & Crazing?

    Thanks Matt. The Nepheline syenite supplies alumina, but I think you are right in that I need to add feldspar/kaolin. I was trying to get the glaze to fit without altering the original recipe...Its likely I won't end up with the same glossy, vibrant green. But I guess that's the intrigue of ceramics! Thanks for the input.
  2. I received a beautiful green that came out of a line blend of 28 tiles. It was a vibrant, rich, and glossy color- but it had severe crazing (picture attached). Its colorants were copper sulfate and rutile. Interestingly enough, only the tiles in the line blend that contained copper sulphate had crazing. I tried to “fix†the problem by increasing/decreasing the silica by increments of two, eight times, only to see no change whatsoever. The information from both of the paragraph above have led me to conclude that copper sulphate is the culprit! But I am no glaze expert- maybe I am missing the mark. Does copper sulphate encourage/increase crazing? Is this problem worth solving? Any thoughts/insight/experiences would be greatly appreciated! Neph. Syen 67 Whiting 15 Flint 15 Bent 3 copper sulphate 5% rutile 5% Warm Regards, Lydia
  3. Sweet Tooth installation

    What a wonderful installation. I was wondering if you would be willing to share how you assembled these structures...I love the tension they create with the feeling of being dangerously balanced and am curious how you achieved that. Beautiful beautiful work!