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  1. New Kiln

    Just an update - first let me say thanks for all the good information - that being said, I have fallen into potter's heaven. Through a lucky (for me) call from a friend, I have come in contact with a studio that has six - count 'em - six Skutt 10 cubic foot cone 8 manuel electric kilns and one 16 cubic foot gas kiln along with a knowledgeable potter in charge that was very happy to see me walk through the doors. I have already participated in my first bisque firing of my own pieces and will soon have my first glaze firing and will be learning to fire the gas kiln in early September. Also in this studio are throwing wheels, spray booths, molds and mold making paraphanalia and the means to make both personal glazes and clay bodies. And all at prices that are to low to even mention here. Before everyone wants to know where it is I have to say that it is on an Air Force base here locally but all those who have the base access, all are welcome. Look forward to my continuing adventures in mud and sharing the same with all of you.
  2. New Kiln

    Thx to all for the input, I see that I have much more research to do in this area, just is frustrating to have to make this kind of decision with so little to go on. Dealers are fine but they are trying to sell their product and locating local potters is a very daunting task. Anyway, thanks again for your input and advise, I will try to keep the board informed of where I go with this.
  3. New Kiln

    I am also a new potter looking to buy (aquire) a first kiln. My main problem is that my house is all electric and with the current high monthly pwr bills, I don't know if the additional expense of an electric would be too much. I am still sitting on the fence over electric or propane gas. p.s. Didn't want to start a new thread on such a new post