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  1. autour de la terre

    rain on the mountains

    Its the best rain I have seen!
  2. That sure is hard work! after that you need lots of vitamins!!! lol!
  3. autour de la terre

    Large Platter Woes

  4. autour de la terre

    using botz brush on glazes

    Hi Emma, Botz glazes contain CMC (corboxymethycelulose) and are ver easy to use. They need to be applied with a bristle medium hard brush - not a soft brush. You need to stir your glaze well. I like to do it with a stick. It becomes a bit more liquid. Apply a generous first layer by criss crossing the application, then when this layer is dry apply a second and if desired third layer. Keep the last two layers a normal thickness. Care should be taken to work in a concentrated manner so as to obtain a uniform layer after firing. When the layers dry you may touch it and even transport it. It keeps well on the pot. Happy glazing! Judith, Geneva/CH
  5. autour de la terre

    Has anyone used Botz brush on glazes?

    Hi Emma. Yes the Botz or other Rok glazes are like that. You must well stir the glaze so it is a little bit more suble and soft. The first layer should be applied fairly thick in a criss cross way. Lets say two strokes to the right two storkes over it to the left on a small patch. This will dry fairly quickly. Apply second layer less thick and if you like a third layer. The important thing is to work very accurately and concerated so you know where you have applied and where not so you should get an even spread. Make sure you do not put any glaze on the bottom. It is rather difficult to clean it off properly. Happy glazing ! Judith
  6. autour de la terre

    Help...how To Keep Slap Plates Flat

    Hi, you can be lucky they don't crack. Your best bet is to dry them soooo slowly (3 weeks at least) under plastic with stones on top in the middle so they keep flat. Your best bet is to turn your plates on the wheel. It is fun ! Always dry very slowly. Have fun !
  7. autour de la terre

    Slips Not Producing Colour ...

    Hi, I always put a transparent glaze over the coloured slips and refire, then the finished colour will show, for sure ! Of course low fire slips - plus low fire glaze high fire slips - plus high fire transparent glaze. autourdelaterre, Judith
  8. autour de la terre

    Blue Glaze Cone 6

    Hello Louise, If your are oxidation cone 6 firing you can use the floating blue of James Chappell - http://floatingblue.blogspot.com/ It is very reliable, very interesting glaze. Right now I am in a hurry, but you may also contact me on judith.st@gmail.com for the receipe in french if you like. A plus, Judith
  9. autour de la terre

    Confessions Of A Procrastinating Potter...

    Dear Sylvia, Are there any wise words ? Do you want to honour your shows ? Maybe your heart will tell you what to do. Go with the flow. As the other colleague said. RElax. it will happen. Take some time off. It sounds you need it. Enjoy life. Joy, love and light to you. Judith
  10. autour de la terre


    Hi, With cone 6 or 7 refiring I have been wuite successful in brushing a layer of CMC over the ware, let is dry thoroughly and put 2 or more layers of the desired glaze or oxyde. Make sure it dries well between each layer of glaze. Good glazing! Judith - autour de la terre - CH
  11. autour de la terre

    Stilts On Stoneware

    Bonjour, pour que les assiettes ne se déforment pas, je fais des anneaux dans la même terre, pour la cuisson. Cela marche parfaitement. Bonne réussite! Judith Autour de la Terre Nyon/CH
  12. autour de la terre


    If you cannot buy your coloured engobes you can mix 50 % half fat clay 50% calcined kaolin + coloured stain + a little CMC for bonding this goes also for high fire temperatures. Enjoy Judith - autour de la terre - Switzerland

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