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    Trimming Issues

    I have been making long neck bottles and vases. I have been unable to get them to stay put when trimming. The bottom of the vase is larger than the top, so they tend to not hold steady even if I use clay to hold it still. I have thrown a "chuck" But since the clay is soft on the chuck, it doesn't seem strong enough to keep the form still, top-heavy when upside down. I also have trouble with the chuck clay sticking too much to the pot that I am trying to trim. I have tried using stoneware to mount the white porcelain so it has a stronger clay body to hold it up, but I have the same issues and it leaves ugly brown marks on my porcelain what require scraping and sponging off…. Does anyone have a solution?
  2. The 5th element... soul/spirit. I agree with form, function, etc but I have seen many soulless pots with perfect form.
  3. I love this question because I can set my own rules. I get asked this often in real estate circles. You can both have your own standard but yet say it’s objective, but still disagree with someone’s own standard. for instance I can say success is finding ones personal happiness with clay. But if one is happy making under fired functional pots and selling them to the pulic I personally would not label them as a success. There are Potter’s that I admire as successful even if they do not consider themselves to have reached their own standard of success. Daydreamimg I think of how deeply I would love to make a full time income from pottery. I also dream of making work that touches somebody’s soul and of course having my work recognized as “great” by ceramic magazines and by other successful artists. But realistically If I make that my standard I will not likely find happiness. So I choose to find happiness in the studio when creating.
  4. Rebekah Krieger

    Working less-sort of

  5. Rebekah Krieger

    What's your Mug?

    Here is a cup I recently made (this is green, but I glazed it and gave it to my father in law for Christmas) you can see some of Fred’s inspiration in it. I also love Simon Levin’s mug shapes, there may be some of that influence as well. In this pic the handle looks big, but my cups are in fact, smaller. I make cups that need to be re filled rather than coffee getting cold on the bottom.
  6. Rebekah Krieger

    What's your Mug?

    Not sure if the screen auto cropped the image or not. My favorite mug is made by Fred Gregory / Bristol pottery. I love the Handle, glaze, form, etc. ♥️♥️♥️
  7. Rebekah Krieger

    Glaze Question - Strontium Crystal Magic

    I find that scm warm tends to make my other glazed run more, so I mix mine up thin. Beautiful for layering but ugly on its own.
  8. Rebekah Krieger

    Handy Techniques

    Using the back of a bobby pin (the loop end) is great for carving.
  9. I resist the desire to punch my work when it sucks ....
  10. Hmm - my "off the hip" reply will be soak/hold is done at the peak of firing when kiln has reached target temperature/cone level to ensure all glaze materials have had their opportunity to mature and develop. Preheat/ candle is done in a bisque firing prior to the kiln rising temps above 200 to ensure all moisture has left the pots. This is done to prevent internal moisture from boiling and exploding your pots. Candling should not be done in place of verifying a pot is bone dry. It should be used only as added insurance.
  11. I have used a paper clay mixture to repair items that have exploded during bisq fire. Here is your solution: wad up a big handful of single ply toilet paper. Tear it into small pieces and put into about 1/3 cup warm water. In about 15 minutes add 1 tablespoon peroxide, 2 tablespoons of glue , and some thick slurry from the bottom of your throwing tray or bucket. Use a hand mixer to mix up. Should be in between thickness of raw egg and pudding. This is best to use when an item is not yet fired to repair a paper clay sculpture but you can use it to repair a broken sculpture that was bisq fired. Bisq fire it again before glaze firing. Ps: this is not a good solution for repairing cracks or broken handles in functional items. Those Should be done with integrity.
  12. Rebekah Krieger

    Community Challenge #9

    Ooh sounds like you know what your making!
  13. Rebekah Krieger

    Kiln brick question

    Hello- it's been a while anyways I found some salvaged fire brick for .50 each at a salvage yard nearby. They are salvaged from an old coke kiln. The problem is, I'm a novice and have no idea how to tell if they are high temp. I wanted to build a (slightly larger) version of the Phil Rogers test kiln for salt. His Book recommendation is 42% alumina. Is there any way to tell one brick from another? I don't want my kiln to collapse at low fire. I would like it to get up to 6-^8 so ^10 would be safer.
  14. Rebekah Krieger

    Kiln brick question

    Hello! Yes all do the bricks are stamped and I traced back the manufacture of one of them to a kiln brick company in the early 1900's Chicago. (Probably not a ceramics kiln, probably lime and coke kilns) they were 45 cents each and I got about 600. The rest were too dinged up. I was ready to start but due to the coyotes I need to build a better chicken coop first
  15. This year I have contributed to 3 different fundraisers for potters to get the equipment they needed and one potter to attend nceca who couldn't afford it (I didn't afford it that year... oddly enough) In 2 cases I didn't even get a thank you or acknowledgment that I contributed. Thinking about this, I felt a bit jealous. I didn't feel like my work was good enough to ever gain support to get a dream kiln. Why did I find myself contributing to their efforts but Unworthy of contribution for my own? If/ when you do contribute to these efforts, what makes it worthy of your contribution? I would love to raise 10-20k to build a wood fired kiln with salt chamber. But I feel like my work has more growing to do before I am worthy of such a project.
  16. Rebekah Krieger

    Kiln brick question

  17. Rebekah Krieger

    Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas

    I was wondering where it went- so sad
  18. My most favorite - sculpting or wheel throwing my least favorite - coming back too late to put handles on and to trim. (Every. Single. Time.) I need to be better about covering them in plastic.
  19. Rebekah Krieger

    Can My Sculpture Be Considered A Mug?

    I have the 500 bowls book and realize some of them do not seem very functional. But anyone who labels an artists work for them is pretentious. The maker can make whatever the f they want. "art is what you can get away with" -Warhol but I would like to add "art is what the maker feels is an expression in creative form"
  20. Rebekah Krieger

    To Me

    I love cobalt (probably too much) but I can take the meaning from it. "Sometimes you have to make a lot of ugly mugs to make the sort of art you want to make. " I just recently smashed 2/3 of my inventory and realize there was a lot of soul in them, but they were poorly made or were good intentions that needed more practice. A lot of experimentation of techniques to see what I enjoyed. It's hard to accept that you poured your heart into a piece that is ugly. It's harder to realize most of your work is ugly. But it's growth to recognize what "is" ugly.
  21. Rebekah Krieger

    Kiln brick question

  22. Rebekah Krieger

    Kiln brick question

    The bricks did not have any writing in picture. The guy said there are numbers but he wasn't tech savvy to send me pic (someone else took the main photo) he told me I was welcome to go down and look. It's an hour Drive in south Milwaukee so I will have to wait for the opportunity to check. He said he had all sizes , s"some that look like a pie shape" (which I am hoping are arch bricks) I don't suppose anyone would be willing to fire a test brick for me... (my electric kiln has only been fired to cone 7
  23. Rebekah Krieger

    Very elementary

    One more thing I don't think was mentioned.... bone dry clay is probably the most fragile state of clay. Putting it in an oven for 500* will make it more fragile.
  24. Rebekah Krieger

    Indie and go fund me efforts

    Glazenerd- I know what you mean. others would feel as though they can claim responsibility for my success. (As a Capricorn that is not acceptable to me haha) I am surprised by the lack of etiquette from (some of) the ones I have contributed to. It will take balance with my life to pursue ceramics. With raising 4 kids, running a household, and being a realtor in a hot market, it's not easy. I know it will happen some day.... although I fear it will happen later in my life.

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