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  " I find myself wanting to hold ancient pieces that I see in museums and old books. Things that are not commonly on modern pots; such as animal heads, faces, unusual handles, figures, and ancient symbols, are all things that if find deeply mysterious about old pots. Somehow putting my hands in a spinning piece of clay, or sculpting a human face in a pot that I know will be vitrified permanently for future archeologists  to find helps me to feel connected to those humans who have made the work I love.  Old german pots from the 16 & 1700's help me to feel directly connected to my roots, as well as the use of blue oxide wash to celebrate my polish heritage.  I hope to make pots that people would have appreciated years ago, and also pots that would make current and future generations feel connected to the moments in time frozen when the piece is made.  "  


I am a self taught potter (with the help of many experienced potters along the way) Currently working in my home studio under the Name of "Shanel Pottery"   I began making pots on my own in May of 2011.  


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