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    saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    experiments in alternative firing techniques, foil saggar firing, Obvara firing, ceramic saggar firing
  2. I got a warning that I am almost out of space in my members gallery. I would like to delete old images. I can't even find my gallery. Could someone give me directions? I was going to post an image of a cobalt green glaze in response to a forum question. I also have posted the recipe in the gallery. I could not find it. It is in my album "Forum Discussions" but could not find it. Marcia
  3. Marcia Selsor

    Age of dry materials

    I had a friend receive a large quantity of chemicals from a family of a deceased potter. It was going to cost the family about $10,000 to throw away the chemicals which would have to be tested for toxic disposal. You might explain that to the family when you make your offer. That is a lot of good chemicals some of which are extinct. I'd like to suggest to old potters out there to consider leaving your studio chemicals to someone so the family doesn't have to deal with disposal costs. There are lucky to find Roberta.
  4. Marcia Selsor

    Age of dry materials

    acetone works best ..or nail polish remover <-same thing. .
  5. Marcia Selsor

    Lots of questions about soda firing!!!

    Building a catenary arch support isn't difficult. Figure the size you need ( base it around the shelf size you'll be using). Get a chain , mark the dimensions height and width and nail the chain to reach those dimensions. Spray paint 3 pieces of plywood. cut it out with a jigsaw. Build it well. install on site raised on shims that afterwards it will drop the form and slide it out of the form. Marcia
  6. Marcia Selsor

    Lots of questions about soda firing!!!

    I built a castable one like the catenary in Ruthanne's book. I have also fired with her. She sprays in dissolved soda ash. I would recommend learning to fire a kiln and the go to soda. Firing soda has more temperature fluctuation in between applying soda into the kiln. We fired the soft brick kiln at La Meridiana back in 2000. That kiln lasted over a decade. They must have been high alumina soft bricks. They have rebuilt a new one again with soft insulating bricks. Marcia
  7. I couldn't even FIND my gallery until DH send me a link. Someone else said click on my avatar which I have difficulty finding as well. When did the "update " the format. Mine opens to the members gallery then I have to go to the forum.
  8. Marcia Selsor

    are there any green food safe glazes

    finally got to my gallery Here is a cobalt green glaze , recipe in the comments Marcia
  9. Marcia Selsor

    recent soluble salts firing in saggars

    I can get several smaller saggars in my raku oil drum kiln. My new topcoat pulley kiln will hold a lot more. the interior is 31.5 x 27. .5 and 29 ht. This is the chamber for the pulleys. -upside down.
  10. Recent saggar firing with soluble salts. Fired in saggars in a raku kiln. Marcia
  11. Marcia Selsor

    are there any green food safe glazes

    I use a cobalt green glaze. I have used it on dinnerware. There is a photo of it on my gallery under the album Forum discussions. The recipe is there too. I am not navigating the new format well or I would give you a link. Recipe is from Michael Bailey's book. Cone 6 Oxidation.
  12. Marcia Selsor

    OM4 Ball Clay and soluble salts

    the barium is used to prevent scumming of the soluble salts migrating to the surfaces. It is a common additive to earthenware clay bodies. Most majolica painters I know who mix their own clay add this...or use to. Marcia
  13. Marcia Selsor

    Sea Pottery

    I lived in Spain and researched the folk pottery there. Adra is on the sea...your shard could be anything from Phoenician , Greek, Roman, Carthagian, Moorish, medieval or contemporary sea-washed earthenware. There is a great maritime museum in Cartagena , Spain. They have a great collection of amphoras and pots that came out the the bay right there. Just about every mediterranean culture traded by sea. You an find shards everywhere along the coast. Marcia
  14. Marcia Selsor

    Flaking burnished surface

    I use quick terra sig. Apply when bone dry and burnish with a soft makeup sponge or foam. recipe 250 grams of ball clay or any fine clay including red art into a liter of water in a plastic bottle. If digging clay, weigh 200 grams and ask for a few hours before mixing with the water. Shake well. Add a few drops of Darvon 7 or Darvon 833. Shake well. Let it settle for about 2 hours. Punch or slice a hole in the bottle above the line where the heavy materials settled. Drain into a container. Brush or spray onto the pot. Burnish with a soft sponge. Your clay should be smooth, no grog or very fine grog. ..fine enough that burnishing won't scratch the surface. Bisque to ^08 hold for an hour. If you over bisque terra sig, the smoke will not be absorbed. You might try smoking in a barrel or covered brick box. Use sawdust, charcoal briquets, and wood. There a is great video by Piepenburg on this method. The photo is Apache red clay terra sig, with feather burned onto surface. Marcia Selsor.
  15. Got  my 2 new raku kilns sprayed with rigidizer. Now they just need the kiln shed finished to get them protected from the weather. Last year it snowed -22" around Sept. 15th. First frost ( its late this year) is expected next weekend. Happy to have those kilns out of the studio. I now have 3 raku kilns outside the dining room patio door.  It makes it easy to read the pyrometer.3rakukilnssmall.jpg.26fc1b75a9b0421dd52ddab4ccaa9ae1.jpg

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      My  extension to old wooden kiln shed weill have all metal clear story with windows and exhaust fans 2 barn doors and 14 ft ceiling slanting down to10 or 12'. I already have 4 kilns to go inside. My tiny demo kiln I built for taping my online courses. I have a sawed -ed oil drum with the tope third removed, a 2' high x 2'wide chamber to sit on brick plus my large pulley or topcoat kiln. Very excite to be able to fire in winter. BUT I do regret not being able to fire much this summer.


    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      maybe we should have a raku fest at my place before my husband retires and comes home permanently!


    4. terrim8
  16. http://www.greatclay.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc, https://www.chicagoceramicsupplies.com, https://www.yelp.com/biz/krueger-pottery-supply-saint-louis, https://uspigment.com, http://www.brickyardceramics.com/acatalog/index.html Here's a few: 2 near Chicago, one in St. Louis, on near Indianapolis and US pigments as mentioned above. Marcia
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    chamber skeleton.jpg

    From the album: Kilns

  18. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: Kilns

    attaching to rigid metal
  19. Marcia Selsor


    This was my first solo kiln built in upstate NY using recycled hard bricks and new insulating bricks, Catenary Arch cross draft.I built the propane burners for the kiln with the access to the local HS metal shop. Built in 1971.
  20. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: Kilns

  21. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: Kilns


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