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  1. Concrete slab getting poured on Monday. Walls will follow shortly. This will be my new kiln shed for year-round firing ability ...as long as I can shovel my way out there!


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    2. Benzine


      That's awesome Marcia!

      In regards to the snowy walkway, just have a dedicate snowblower ready at the beginning of the path, and you can just easily clear the way, as you walk to the shed.

      No need to pull a muscle, or tire yourself out, before you even start working.

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      finally got an electric I can carry thru the house from back to front. ..after losing 20 pounds from shoveling. We had 200% normal snowfall last winter beginning with 22" in Sept.


    4. Benzine


      I do not envy those, in the Northern US, and obviously places North of that.

      We get a decent amount of snow here, but nothing like that.  I got my current snow blower at the end of a record setting Winter, in terms of snowfall.  

      So I did my driveway, by hand all season, then got the snow blower.  We haven't had a season like that since...

  2. Marcia Selsor

    Temperature Algorithm?

    I just use this https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/temperature/fahrenheit-to-celsius.html I do a lot of teaching in Europe and have to explain in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. There are a lot of convert apps on the web. I don't really think there are folks back in the lab monitoring the threads on this forum. Marcia
  3. try putting some heat lamps on the mold. it could heat up the oil. It has worked for me. Marcia
  4. Marcia Selsor

    Websites And Sales

    I have been using Go Daddy for 7 or more years. I have 22 pages on my site. I can update and edit easily. I appreciate their web support too. I tried one Chris Campbell recommended but it wasn't for me. I average 3-5000 hits per month. I use it mostly for educational purposes.
  5. Marcia Selsor

    Gas kiln stalled . Why?

    I agree with theneed for air on the burners. Question: what altitude are you? If you are at a high altitude, is your chimney giving you sufficient draft. when the kiln is empty, light a piece of news paper , put it near the flue and see if the flame is drawn into the flue. When reducing you should have a hard flame( bluish) coming out the top peep and a licking flame on the bottom. Marcia
  6. Marcia Selsor

    Up to what temp can I vent?

    he was one of the 6 ceramicists exhibited at the Whitney as a ground breaking event for ceramic art in 1980. Gilhooley, Mason, Voulkos, Price, Arneson and Shaw. I saw a show of the 6 of them at the San Jose NCECA around that time.Mason's work was powerful. They all were. I digress https://archive.org/stream/ceramicsc00fole/ceramicsc00fole_djvu.txt
  7. Marcia Selsor

    Up to what temp can I vent?

    if they are cool to your cheek they are too wet.
  8. Marcia Selsor

    Where do you put freshly thrown pieces?

    I clear my 4' x 10' work table and put my thrown work on that. I cover the pots with various size buckets or large 24" or 30" storage containers to keep them damp. I can get 10-12 small bat inserts under one storage container. If I am doing large orb , I use 5 gallon buckets or larger storage containers. I also have shelves if I need them. Marcia
  9. Marcia Selsor


    Have you tried photo image transfers? For one of, it may be more simple. Look at the video on CAD for litho photo transfer.
  10. Marcia Selsor

    Pottery wheel belts

    Can you share a photo? Some belts are easy to find at auto supply stores, others need to be from the manufacturer. Marcia
  11. Marcia Selsor

    Spooze Question

    This is what I use...adapted from Peggy Heer's . 1:4 toilet paper to clay? Soak toilet paper overnight, squeeze dry, add to dry clay, the same body as you are repairing.. Then add vinegar and a few drops of sodium silicate and mix with blender. I have repaired students' work with this as well as a sculpture of my own.\
  12. Taking my little demo kiln to Art in the Beartooths on Sat. for our art center's annual fundraiser. I will be firing saggars and obvara. The top piece will be auctioned off. Looking like nice cool weather for the event. Enjoy your weekend.


  13. Michael Cardew said it takes 7 years to master the wheel. I think he was correct. I felt very confident after 7 years. I feel more confident after 50 years. It takes practice, observing and persistence. I taught and still teach. I loved teaching throwing and feel I did a good job. Teaching can be trying as administrators required larger and larger classes. Pursuing pottery as a profession requires learning skills in clay as well as kilns, chemistry, firing practices, business savvy, marketing, etc. And lets not forget aesthetics of a good pot, balance, visual appeal, etc. There are several professionals here who generously share their knowledge, but you need more than a discussion group. If you are in for the long haul, try taking short term workshops on things you want to to learn. There are many venues for this. Search for workshops in magazines such as Ceramics Monthly, Clay Times, or on Facebook sites. Vimeo, Youtube, Periscope, offer good visuals, but individual contact is hard to beat. Marcia
  14. my finger id for my phone never works. I think they may be worn down. Marcia
  15. Marcia Selsor

    terra sig vs. slip

    Terra sig, if applied too thick, can pop off the surface. I find it odd that people are using it as a slip. Maybe their sig has an added ingratiate to overcome the flaking problem. Marcia
  16. Marcia Selsor

    The Act of Pugging

    I re-pug my porcelain in my de-airing Bailey pugger. I pre-condition it first by softening it by dipping in water and wrapping in tee shirts for a few days in large plastic containers.. This works well. I have begun remoistening hard/stiffer unused clay using the 1/4-1/2 cup of water added to a bag sitting in a bucket of water. This works surprising well too. In Spain I saw clay mixed in a large (several meter basin) then drained onto large shallow basins lined with bricks. This was left to sit until workable, then it was put into a mixer. Marcia
  17. Just got back from 3 weeks in Italy : wood firing at La meridian installed our group installation in the amphitheater, then took our work to a gallery in Faenza for a display, and presented talks at the Carlo Zauli Museum.Glad to be back home.

    1. glazenerd


      Welcome home, was wondering where you got to.

    2. Denice


      Glad to have you back,  post some photos when you have some time.  Take some time to relax.   Denice

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      plan to throw today after a little cleaning. Also working on my new raku kiln. 


  18. 50+ years of working in clay.Just back from Italy and a wood firing at La meridiana, installed an installation and exhibited our work in Faenza plus presented talks at the Carlos Zuali museum. I find the clay in Italy to work like a softener. My hands don't usually look this good when working in porcelain.
  19. Marcia Selsor

    Black and white ink spot/oil spot copycat?

    I am not on the chat group, but Fred posted it. I just got back from three weeks in Italy, 2 at La meridiana and several days in Faenza for an exhibition and presentation along with Evelyne and others. Marcia
  20. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: avatar

  21. Marcia Selsor

    Black and white ink spot/oil spot copycat?

    you should get on the chat group of Exploring Midrange glazes with John Britt. They just did these types of glazes. Marcia
  22. Marcia Selsor

    Pricing for An Old Bailey Wheel

    I have one about 19 years old. It may be the model before the ProX. I replaces the potentiometer and the drive belts. Very easy to do. Great wheel. Test drive it first ,then talk price.
  23. Marcia Selsor

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    I used it in a clay body out of desperation in 1991 when I was one of the last artists to arrive at our studio in Latvia. A previous group had worked before the second half arrives. I was given one large lump of Chammotte ( high fire very refractory with gravel like grog, and a lump of red earthenware. I had to make pieces for our exhibition at the end of our visit, I walked down to the Baltic sea and returned with a bag of sand. Mixed it all together. Test fired it and it worked. Made several pieces for the exhibition. Marcia
  24. Marcia Selsor

    Older Bailey Slab Roller value?

    I have one of these I got in 2002. It works great. one direction feed but I never minded that. I rotate the slab feed each time I roll it through.I paid $1100 in 2002. Some grit is worn on the rollers but other than that it is fine. Moved it to Texas and back to Montana. I use slab matts with it.

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