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    Woodfiring Clay Bodies

    I personally like to use porcelain in wood firing. I have used several varieties sometimes combined with Shino. I have also used a black clay called Death Valley. Which if very thick tends to dunt.
  2. I can't say, but are they amenities of the $3/pound stated? Like glaze and firings included in the price? Marcia
  3. very excited to be part of this invitational exhibition. The group is a diversified representation of both sculptural and functional work from across the US. Opening in May 11, 2018 and will be up for a month. Marcia
  4. transplanted lupine and lilies on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. the flowerbed was below my studio window and I am having it replaced and better insulated. More snow tonight and tomorrow.


  5. I have been busy with firing pieces for several exhibitions since the weather broke. The obvara was pretty successful. I have been experimenting in the saggars using tiles as baffles to help hold combustibles in place. I am including two pieces of framed baffles because I find them so intriguing. the pots range from 8-12" in ht. I am using terra sig on the sagger pieces as well as on the smooth areas of the obvara pieces. I use ball clay TS so that it absorbs the obvara and the fuming in the saggars. I just added the poster for the Invitational show. Marcia
  6. Marcia Selsor

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    Thanks, Pres. I am really engaged in this process and continue researching and experimenting. A few nights ago I was reading Arne Ase' description of chemicals and their properties, Zinc chloride can erase cobalt!So, pieces can be redone. I am trying it today on ferric chloride. Marcia
  7. Marcia Selsor

    Terra sig density

    your pieces look great. Terra sig was originally used to seal lowlier earthenware. Many artists today use it for a sculptural finish at higher temperatures. If you put a glaze on top of it, I would wonder why use it in the first place?
  8. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    these were developed from an idea of using small tiles in a sagger with a pot. The byproduct was intriguing and this is the result for more finished pieces.
  9. Marcia Selsor


    it is ^9-10 porcelain with ball clay TS bisqued to ^06-05 and then brutlized in a saggar. you sound like the guy selling a wand to young Harry. Marcia
  10. Marcia Selsor

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    everything depends on what is the desired outcome.
  11. Marcia Selsor

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    it has been an 8 month winter and everyone is tired of it.! Thanks, Mark. 200% above normal snow fall beginning last Sept.. I am looking into a roof over raku area. Marcia
  12. Marcia Selsor

    Terra sig density

    I just posted some recent work I have in a show plus a piece on the poster..pot on far right. The last obvara pot, the tiles, the 2 marble white pieces all have terra sig on them.I use ball clay so it is not going to vitrify at ^06. The shine is somewhat lost but it still absorbs fumes which is what I am doing. I polish the saggar and the foil saggar with wax. the obvara is natural finish. .
  13. Marcia Selsor

    new saggar and obvara pieces

    I did see that post but not what it looks like. The white marble pieces are ball clay TS. as well as the neck of the last obvara piece.and the tiles.I added the poster which also has ts on my pot on the right
  14. Marcia Selsor

    saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    experiments in alternative firing techniques, foil saggar firing, Obvara firing, ceramic saggar firing
  15. Marcia Selsor

    obvarablack:brownsquares copy.jpg

    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    Obvara fire, surface treatment created with sodium silicate on a cylinder then stretched into an orb.
  16. Marcia Selsor

    Firing Pots With Lids

    freezing works when a lid sticks but not from being completely glazed. More like the wax wasn't completely covering the area where they touched. It is a shame but studio practices usually fire lids on. It prevents the pieces from warping and not fitting. This should have been part of the instructional info on glazing. Sorry you weren't informed. Marcia
  17. Marcia Selsor

    Terra Sig question

    Dick, I usually just stir the TS after it has been sitting in between uses. Adding Mason stains is a different story. They tend to settle quickly from my experience. If you can keep the stains in solution while using, no problem. I like Darvon 811 as a deflocculent. Marcia
  18. Got a surprise opportunity of no precipitation today. if the wind isn't too bad, i'll be firing all day. 

  19. I prefer quiet and the sounds of nature. Even my heaters are silent. I have a dog and two cats for company. Nice view out the window looking at the ski runs on the mountain. I use to listen to classical guitar years ago in Texas , but then I grew to prefer all the birdsongs down there. I heard a new bird song one day and discovered love birds ( real name) in a palm tree. Here I heard the song of a new to me bird. Pairs of sand hill cranes flying around the neighborhood. Marcia
  20. Marcia Selsor

    Ceramic Communities

    Minneapolis has a great clay center and good community, Asheville, NC, Philadelphia has the Clay studio and has been a great clay city. The clay studio is moving to a new location and expanding its space. Missoula , Montana has an extremely well developed community clay center and lots of potters in the area. Red Lodge, Mt. has the Red Lodge Clay center with semi annual workshops. Tucson has an active clay community. Austin also has a very active clay community. Marcia
  21. sleet , high winds and snow last night. Rain this afternoon and then more snow tomorrow. Planning to fire obvara on Tuesday.



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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      The fires raging in OK are signs of the draught. We are expecting more snow later this week. I am going to fire saggars all day while I can.  The last snowfall missed us yesterday but dropped 10" on Great falls to the north. 


    3. terrim8


      wow- haven't heard anything about that up here! Forest fires kind of spoiled our summer here last year (for hiking in the mountains & general air quality)

    4. Denice


      We have tried to vacation in Colorado for several years, but have gone to other areas.  Colorado has been plagued with fires, rain and mudslides.   This fall we are heading to Yellowstone!    Denice

  22. Marcia Selsor


    From the album: saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    these were developed from an idea of using small tiles in a sagger with a pot. The byproduct was intriguing and this is the result for more finished pieces.
  23.  more snow. Free workshop at the Red Lodge Clay Center this weekend. Out of town potters coming to stay with me.  Matthew Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama from Alfred, NY. Nice community asset!


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    2. oldlady


      how deep is the snow?

    3. S. Dean

      S. Dean

      Hoping for some rain today to wash away the yellow snow (pollen) that's covering everything in central NC right now.  Azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom - daffodils and lily magnolia blooms are a distant memory.  Although expecting a low of 34F tonight.......

    4. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      depends where. drifts are3-4'. got about 3" then 8" last week.


  24. Marcia Selsor


    yes. taking organic material in salts.

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