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  1. how do I create an album in my gallery?

    ok. thanks , Mea. I think I am still overwhelmed with all I have to do after being gone. Can't put in much time on the forum right now. Marcia
  2. This new format makes it difficult to create an album in my gallery. I can't even find my gallery. Anyone have suggestions? I have made my photos small for this format. I can share the results of my workshop. I wish these could be put in my gallery for future reference. These are from my one week workshop at La Meridiana. Covered making crackled surfaces, obvara, foil sagger and ceramic sagger, making quick terra sig. Marcia
  3. how do I create an album in my gallery?

    Thanks, Joel! I got it. Couldn't I have replied without having to quote mo own post with yours? But thank you very much. I will try to spend some more time learning but right now I am digging a hole for the base of my new large raku kiln before the ground freezes. #1 tonight. And we had snow last Monday. Marcia
  4. Kiln brick question

    yes, the stamped name is really important to trace back what type of brick you have. They look very clean as in no mortar. Saves a lot of work. I have used salvaged bricks before, and cleaning them is time consuming. Wear wrist braces when moving them bricking up hard brick doors trashed my wrists at an early age. Be protective. Firebrick s are 9" x 4.5 x 2.25" and weigh 5 lbs. each Nice find Marcia
  5. I spent most summers on the beach living at my grandmother's house. I didn't enjoy the Gulf coast of Texas as much as the Atlantic in South Jersey.Whenever I finish teaching a workshop I feel like "camp is over'. I bigger preference would be fishing in Montana. Marcia
  6. new forum, what i dislike

    Sorry Mea, but I just got back from Italy and missed all the discussion. Holly Goring told me to contact Steven because she is unaware that any changes were made. Thanks for the details. I don't even want to deal with the new forum. Marcia
  7. new forum, what i dislike

    true. but he should be aware of the problems so many people are having. I just asked him to review the thread of what people are having problems with. PLEASE CONTACT OUR MODERATORS IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS. THEY ARE TRYING TO ASSIST EVERYONE. Thanks Mea ,
  8. new forum, what i dislike

    I was off for 2 weeks. Came back to this new format and don't have a clue. Thanks for all the help from others. Steve Hecker is the new administrator in charge of this. Send your requests directly to him. Marcia
  9. Raku Question

    Raku clay does not mature at low temperature. That it why it works in raku. Typically it can go to ^6 or even ^9 but you need to test. It is not really a lowlier type of clay, it is a porous open body at raku temperature to deal with the thermal shock. That is why groggy stoneware works. Marcia
  10. Raku Question

    I think it may depend on the specific clay body. The only white ^6 stoneware I ever used was a "vessel 6" which we mixed ourselves when I taught in Billings. I don't think we fired it in raku but we did fire out ^6 stoneware that we mixed.
  11. Raku Question

    I agree with John about anything fired to maturity will not withstand the thermal shock of a raku firing. If it were fired to bisque , np problem. But fired to ^6 is a big one. Marcia
  12. Raku Question

    Lee, If you have some ^6 clay fired to bisque between ^09 to ^04 you should not have any problems firing to a raku temperature of ^05 or ^06. Marcia
  13. how do I create an album in my gallery?

    Lee, Is this in your personal gallery? I often respond to specific questions with a link to an image in my gallery. I don't want a link to a reply on the forum because it will get lost.hat was nice about members galleries. Marcia
  14. how do I create an album in my gallery?

    Thanks Pres. Maybe its the jet lag nut this new format seems extremely complex to navigate. tried it. Had the images there, then a page came up and said drag the images here. ? Marcia
  15. Alternative Firing Workshop at La meridiana 2017

    here are some results from my Alternative Firing workshop at La Meridiana. I covered making quick terra sig, crackled surfaces using sodium silicate, preparing foil sagger with metallic salts, preparing ceramic sagger with sawdust, wire, banana skins, etc.
  16. Obvara results with martina's piece in front

    From the album Alternative Firing Workshop at La meridiana 2017

    One student's successful try at sodium silicate crackle