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    Professor Emerita, MSU-Billings

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    http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com , http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery-workshops-marcia-selsor-36-17.htm

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    Red Lodge, Montana
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    "I have been working in clay since 1966. -an industrial design major in a ceramics elective. I got hooked! First time I raku fired was with Paul Soldner in 1968 at Wallingford Art Center in the snow. I love the fire, kilns, tactile surfaces and the comraderie of the folks who live with this humbling medium. My interests in Clay include dynamics of Kiln designs, Glaze Chemistry, Throwing, building kilns, and developing tools for new forms and textures, alternative firing processes and the World History of Ceramics. On a non-ceramics note I enjoy cooking and gardening, travel, museums observations of nature including wild horses and birds incorporating them into my art. Moved back to Montana where I'll be able to visit the wild horse herds in the Pryor Mountains.


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Marcia Selsor is a full-time ceramic artist, workshop presenter, writer, teacher and alchemist investigating making marks on ceramic surfaces. She has a BFA from the Philadelphia University of the Arts studying with Bill Daley, Paula Winokur, and Petras Vaskys and an MFA from Southern Illinois University -Carbondale with Nick Vergette.. Her professional ceramics experience spans 50 years and includes 25 years of teaching at Montana State University-Billings where she was awarded the title Professor Emerita by the State Board of Regents. She was awarded two Fulbright Scholars Awards; Spain 1985-86 and Uzbekistan 1994. She was a Visiting Faculty at University of Hawaii-Manoa and University of Texas-Brownsville and the National Institute of Visual and Performing Arts in Tashkent, Uzbekistan .She has taught workshops internationally at Centro Agost in Spain;1996-1999; Crema in Seville, Spain 1996; La Meridiana since 2001-2017; AIR Vallauris in France 2012; The Scottish Potters Association 2016. She has had 9 residencies both in the US and abroad including the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana; The Banff Center for Creative Arts in Canada, AIR Vallauris in Southern France; The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Pa.; and at CRETA in Rome, Italy and four international symposiums: Dzintari in Jurmala,Latvia in 1991; two at the national Factory in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1992 and '93; fourth at El Torn, Barcelona Spain in 2016. Her work is included in public and private collections in 12 countries on three continents. She has served on the Board of NCECA and the Potters Council and the Technical Staff for Ceramics Monthly . She loves to teach and share her knowledge and experiences of working with other ceramic artists worldwide.
Ceramic Arts Daily produced a DVD   "Expanding the Potential of Raku Kiln with Marcia Selsor" 



Upcoming Events 2017

FALL COURSE  Online -Sep 25 - Nov 2, 2017   http://teachinart.com/alternative-firing.html

June Group Exhibition at Windy Flats gallery, Nye, Montana

Juror for Fire for Effect, July, 2017, AIR Vallauris,France 

August Gourp exhibition, Magpie Gallery, Billings, MT
Sept. 2017 Sept 3-9th. Alternative Firing Techniques, La Meridiana, Italy. http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery-workshops-marcia-selsor-36-17.htm

Alternative Firing Class 

My alternative firing course starts Sept. 25- Nov. 2 on TeachinArt.com Here are some clips:


June 17-30, The Diagonal Group at La Meridiana, wood-firing Symposium
Summer Workshop at Tuscarora Pottery School, Tuscarora, NV http://www.tuscarorapottery.com

Fall Workshop at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Oct. 8-12, 2018

Ceramics Invitational , Radius Gallery, Missoula, Montana  May 2018