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    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. Marcia Selsor

    Repairing Gas Kiln Arch Bricks

    I used them on the kilns i built at the university over 25 years. I liked them and adjusted the arch bricks when needed by tightening the threads on the rods with the springs. just one of those things you either use or don't. I like catenary arches but sprung arched are my favorite to build. Best wishes to you, Mark. Marcia
  2. Marcia Selsor

    Saggar and Raku Kiln Questions

    My new kiln shed houses four raku kilns and three electric kilns. I would not sagger fire in an electric kiln. I use some very caustic chemicals in saggars.This photos shows my tophat full of saggars. It is propane fired.
  3. Marcia Selsor

    Repairing Gas Kiln Arch Bricks

    this is not a Roman arch , but a sprung arch. Roman arches are semi circular running into the wall without a scew brick. A. P. Green handbook for designing arches helps you configure the rise per foot and the radius and what bricks are needed to construct the arch as well as which stew brick is needed. great little reference book. Car valve springs from junk yards do contract and expand. Used them for decades.Springs from a hardware store are not as resilient. That may be what mark is referring to. Marcia.
  4. Marcia Selsor

    Glazing a mortar and pestle

    if the whole thing is unglazed maybe use a little alumina in wax so the porcelain doesn't stick to the shelf. OR you could make a drip plate and put grog in it to support the pestle. Marcia
  5. Marcia Selsor


  6. Marcia Selsor

    Repairing Gas Kiln Arch Bricks

    I have used small bits of fiber soaked in ITC and stuffed into the cracks. Possibly a kiln patch material would also work. Question: is the kiln frame rigid? I always built arches using a threaded rod , large washers and car valve springs to allow the arch to breath (expansion and contraction) . Just curious if that could be the source of the problem. -no flexibility. Marcia
  7. Marcia Selsor

    kilnshedrakukilns copy.jpg

    an open barn door. I don't watch tv even in the house let alone while firing.
  8. Marcia Selsor

    kilnshedrakukilns copy.jpg

    my new raku kilns . I installed my new pulley kiln yesterday. The new expansion of my kiln shed is almost finished.
  9. Marcia Selsor

    Saggar and Raku Kiln Questions

    I have instructions for making raku kilns. https://www.marciaselsorstudio.com/raku--latex-resist---making-raku-kilns.ht I have a dvd from Acers/CAD regarding the potential firings of a raku kiln including: obvert, sagar and foil sagger firings. I enjoy the immediacy of the raku kilns and how many ways it can be used.https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/raku-firing-with-marcia-selsor/ there are links on my website that have videos from this dvd.
  10. Marcia Selsor

    Saggar and Raku Kiln Questions

    Here are some things you can do in an electric kiln. http://users.skynet.be/russel.fouts/Files/OhYesYouCanPMIJA09lr.pdf Marcia
  11. Marcia Selsor

    Medpinkwgray copy

    cobalt, calcium and copper. along with copper carb and sawdust in the saggar.
  12. Marcia Selsor

    Red Mid-high fire range clay body

    here is my former teacher's (Bill Daley) clay body. He fired it at a brick yard conveyor kiln. Daley's is toasty golden, Linda's is rich and deeper color, and David's is the reddest. If you search the Ceramics monthly Archives for an article with Daley and Wright you could see examples of their pieces. Daley's and Linda's are more for hand building. Wright's can be thrown. I just noticed the above link has examples of Daley's clay body. Marcia Bill Daley's Body ^6 tight Clay Body Ball Clay 13.33% Cedar Hts Red Art 40 Fire Clay 20 Newman Red Clay 26.67 100 Barium Carbonate 1% dissolve in water Grog 10% Linda Blossom' ^6 Clay Body Hawthorne Fire Clay 35 OM #4 Ball Clay 20 Newman Red 20 Fine Grog 20 Silica 200 mesh 15 G200 Feldspar 10 to glaze green use .5% vee gum in glaze David Wright ^6 Clay Body Ball Clay 10% Cedar Hts. Redart 30% Fire Clay 20 Newman red 40 100 Barium carb. 1% Bentonite 1% Fine Grog 5%
  13. Marcia Selsor

    Copper spot effect

    I have used very fine silicon carbide to achieve copper reds in ^10 oxidation without much spotting. If you want the copper spotting as on the first pot, you might try copper granules and fire the pot in a saggar for the glaze firing and include some charcoal briquets, Someone was discussing saggars in reduction on here in the past year or so. Marcia
  14. Marcia Selsor

    saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    experiments in alternative firing techniques, foil saggar firing, Obvara firing, ceramic saggar firing
  15. Marcia Selsor

    Age of dry materials

    I had a friend receive a large quantity of chemicals from a family of a deceased potter. It was going to cost the family about $10,000 to throw away the chemicals which would have to be tested for toxic disposal. You might explain that to the family when you make your offer. That is a lot of good chemicals some of which are extinct. I'd like to suggest to old potters out there to consider leaving your studio chemicals to someone so the family doesn't have to deal with disposal costs. There are lucky to find Roberta.

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