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    Red Lodge, Montana
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    birdwatching, critter watching, fishing, cooking, travel, writing, civic engagement .
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    Diagonal 11 Woodfiring Symposium at La Meridiana, June 17-June 30, Exhibition in Faenza June 30-July3,

    3rd Annual Ceramics Invitational, Radius Gallery, Missoula,  Montana May 10-June 18

    Alternative Firing Class , San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  Oct 8-12

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. Marcia Selsor

    saggar, horse hair, feathers, foil saggars, Obvara

    experiments in alternative firing techniques, foil saggar firing, Obvara firing, ceramic saggar firing
  2. Marcia Selsor

    Building a kiln

    the height of your stack depends on a few things: altitude, the higher the altitude , the higher you stack needs to be forced air or venturi system. If using natural draft, you need to have the chimney (stack) high enough to draw the flame. Forced air (blowers) provides the draw. Marcia
  3. I did make mud sculptures and very just drip sand castles as a kid. In college I discover clay. I soaked up as much knowledge as I could. I focused all my art history research papers on ceramic topics relevant to each AH course I took. I designed kilns, built burners and experimented with glazes. Some of my happiest moments have been working in studios in the woods. After 50+ years, I am very engaged with the interaction of chemistry and firing marks on surfaces. It is my passion. And there is inner peace and there are stellar moments of excitement and discovery. I love it. never a dull moment.
  4. Marcia Selsor


    lovely glaze on the pitcher. I love the texture and the burnt orange color.
  5. Marcia Selsor

    Used Lokerbie opinions?

    Lockerbies are like a Cadillac of wheels.. Smooth but very heavy. Once you put it in place, leave it there. Motorized Lockerbies I have known have a drive wheel that engages the fly wheel (you don't need to get it going first), and stopping it is done with your foot dragging on the fly wheel. Still the heavy fly wheel doesn't take long to get going with the motor, then you can disengage and the weight of the fly wheel keeps it going for a long time. They are a very good old fashion ed wheel. Marcia
  6. Marcia Selsor


    I am experimenting with soluble salts. this is cobalt sulphate and calcium chloride on a burnished surface 9" w x 10" ht getting ready for 2nd and third opening in 2 months.
  7. Marcia Selsor

    saggarbubbles copy.jpg

    yes it does.
  8. Marcia Selsor

    Any Uses For Them?

    you can also score with a mason's chisel for more controlled break lines. Marcia
  9. snowed yesterday morning. been working on 3 gallery opening May 11, June 1 and June 2. Madness. 


    1. glazenerd


      You are use to and enjoy madness. It makes life interesting.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      did you see my latest photo in the gallery. Sulphates and chlorides in saggars. I used what I learned from foil saggars and fired them hotter in ceramic saggars.



    3. glazenerd


      Yes, I have been following the progression. Tough to see pictures now, after the software update. When I click pictures, they come up cut in half, with text overlaid. 

  10. Marcia Selsor

    Cone 6 is not melting amaco glazes in kiln.

    are you holding at ^6 for 20 minutes or so?
  11. Marcia Selsor

    Woodfiring Clay Bodies

    I personally like to use porcelain in wood firing. I have used several varieties sometimes combined with Shino. I have also used a black clay called Death Valley. Which if very thick tends to dunt.
  12. I can't say, but are they amenities of the $3/pound stated? Like glaze and firings included in the price? Marcia
  13. very excited to be part of this invitational exhibition. The group is a diversified representation of both sculptural and functional work from across the US. Opening in May 11, 2018 and will be up for a month. Marcia
  14. transplanted lupine and lilies on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. the flowerbed was below my studio window and I am having it replaced and better insulated. More snow tonight and tomorrow.



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