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    Professor Emerita, MSU-Billings

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    http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com , http://www.lameridiana.fi.it/pottery-workshops-marcia-selsor-36-17.htm

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    "I have been working in clay since 1966. -an industrial design major in a ceramics elective. I got hooked!. I love the fire, kilns, tactile surfaces and the comraderie of the folks who live with this humbling medium. My interests in Clay include dynamics of Kiln designs, Glaze Chemistry, Throwing, building kilns, and developing tools for new forms and textures, alternative firing processes and the World History of Ceramics. On a non-ceramics note I enjoy cooking and gardening, travel, museums observations of nature including wild horses and birds incorporating them into my art. Moved back to Montana where I'll be able to visit the wild horse herds in the Pryor Mountains.


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  1. How do I reduce a photo from 1 mb to 50k I’m an iPad?
  2. Visited friends at El Torn today in Barcelona and went to s Flamenco performance , Tribute to Paco de Locca at the Palau de La Musica.

    must reduce size of pictures. How do I do that on an iPad?



  3. Visited friends at El Torn today in Barcelona and went to s Flamenco performance , Tribute to Paco de Locca at the Palau de La Musica.

    must reduce size of pictures


  4. why do some people like myself and pres not have like buttons. This is irritating due the the competitive nature of the "likes" winning the day" and seems discriminatory against whoever has had their "like" buttons removed. This is what I don't like about the "winning the day" with likes in the first place. It makes it seem like elementary school stars . Although it is nice to know if someone does get anything out of one's comment. Marcia
  5. you do. I just hit it! I like this, Res. But you can never "win the day" without a like button.
  6. I didn't work in front of students except for demos. But showing slides of when giving background , images are helpful just as they are here. Marcia
  7. where's the like button?
  8. I am a teacher at heart and examples are nice for explaining. Marcia
  9. Thanks, Benzine. I like this technique and enjoy sitting and painting. That is a potter's easel used mostly by Spanish Majolica painters. I like it for working on round pots as it can be turned and also held at an angle. M
  10. PQotW: Week 29

    1 -4 2-3 3-1 4-4
  11. I like to use shellac resist on porcelain.
  12. Updating kilns

    Yes, Dick. bartlett makes them for a variety of kilns. I am pretty sure that the Custer County Heritage center had a wall mounted controller with 2 kilns plugged into it back in the 90s when Sue Tirrell was the ceramics teacher there. I believe, and this could be wrong, but I thought they could each be programmed separately. I had a wall mount controller in 2002 for one large oval kiln. Marcia
  13. The Crafted Dish

    Congrats, Callie! Looks like an impressive show. So nice for you to be part of it. Marcia
  14. well today I had a visit from a long time follower of my work who came with a former student and friend. This woman is very knowledgable about ceramics and is a collector and art consultant. We had a great time going through my own collection as well as visiting my studio. She took photos and posted them on Ceramic Collectors of Facebook. I have to say I genuinely appreciated her comments. She knows her stuff so that really made me feel good. Then the stump removal guy came and removed a tree and 5 stumps. I then moved to wheel barrels of gravel to the site of the tree removal and leveled it for a storage shed for my portable raku kilns and other equipment. So much for my 15 seconds of fame! But I did enjoy the visit. Marcia