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    Professor Emerita, MSU-Billings

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    "I have been working in clay since 1966. -an industrial design major in a ceramics elective. I got hooked! First time I raku fired was with Paul Soldner in 1968 at Wallingford Art Center in the snow. I love the fire, kilns, tactile surfaces and the comraderie of the folks who live with this humbling medium. My interests in Clay include dynamics of Kiln designs, Glaze Chemistry, Throwing, building kilns, and developing tools for new forms and textures, alternative firing processes and the World History of Ceramics. On a non-ceramics note I enjoy cooking and gardening, travel, museums observations of nature including wild horses and birds incorporating them into my art. Moved back to Montana where I'll be able to visit the wild horse herds in the Pryor Mountains.


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  1. I got this potters easel at NCECA from Scott Creek before he sold to a larger distributor. He extruder design was really good. The easel doesn't seem to have gone into production with the distributors purchase. It is a simple structure. I can post details to copy. Marcia
  2. Your place looks great. I remember when you were adding buildings. You've come a long way. Congratulations. Nice website too. Marcia
  3. Nice job. Wish I could have seen the Gerry Williams show. He was an old friend. Besides the nice site, looks like a great organization. Marcia
  4. repairing grenware?

    yes but it is only a few drops. more like a touch of flux, not quite anything like a glaze portion.
  5. Just back from Barcelona. Couldn't resist a visit to see my husband. Now for some serious work. Shipping, raku chamber construction, local obligations. "So little time, much to do"


  6. here are some recipes from Linda Arbuckle's handouts. BTW Dale Neese is in San Antonio. Join the San Antonio Potters Guild. Find out what the members are using for ^6 porcelain and talk to them. Marcia I'd recommend finding a clay that works for you. I like Frost ^6 and also Archie Bray's ^6. I adjust my glazes to fit the clay body. Don't get a clay that says "cones 6-10" as there really is no such duck. Where are you located besides 95 miles from San Antonio? Austin and Houston have good suppliers. Marcia
  7. I use to drive to Austin 360 miles one way when I lived in Brownsville and the San Antonio supplier closed. Where are you getting your chemicals for your experimental clay bodies? Marcia
  8. I recommend reading up on published recipes for ^6 clay bodies. It could take you a long time to develop one on your own. Marcia
  9. Thanks, Judith. It was exhibited at the Uzbek Artists' Union Hall in Tashkent in 1993. I made another stateside and it sold at a fundraiser. I have done several political commentaries and written about the venue. Others may be too touchy to discuss here. Marcia
  10. repairing grenware?

    I would think so since it is probably acting as a dispersal agent.
  11. repairing grenware?

    sorry for the delay. I was in Barcelona with my husband who was at a conference and who is living in DC for the next 2 years. . Powdered clay is ground up powder of the clay you are repairing. You can use a rolling pin. You don't need much. Wear a dust mask. Get liquid sodium silicate or you'll have to mix ir yourself. Get it at a ceramic supply shop. Marcia
  12. Who Of You Is Making Funeral Urns?

    Pres, That's a beauty! Marcia
  13. Homemade Underglaze Trouble

    That is Val Cushing’s recipe except he uses 3110. And should be applied thin. I have posted this several times. You may need to adjust your stain. It is basically: 1/3 of each , but stains vary in character. Marcia
  14. I never politicized pottery..I.e. mugs. I made sculpture. This piece addresses humankind’s taking from the earth. it is rather none offensive except I made it in Uzbekistan where they still chop off hands for stealing. “Up for Grabs” 1992
  15. Raku Questions

    Watch the pots. The glaze will bubble up and then flux smooth and shiny. I call the bubble up part, the pancake batter stage... just when you should flip a pancake. Try putting the tiny pieces on a shallow bowl and pick them up in one shot. You don’t want the kiln open cooling for a long time. Glaze will be marred if it touches anything while fluxed. Avoid that. You could set the bowl with small pieces on a brick. Cover with newspaper and cover that with an inverted can. Use sand around the base to nestle it into a sealed position. i use a pyrometers because I use Matt raku glazes. Know which glaze is a crackle white or a luster so you can watch that one specifically. I have been firing raku since 1968..almost 50 years. Still a great passion. Marcia