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  1. Get a copy of Mastering ^6 Glazes or Michael bailey's Cone 6 glazes and mix your own. You can adjust a glaze fitting to your clay with an small addition of Silica like 0.5% or an adjustment of kaolin up to 2% but you have to test. Marcia
  2. My favorite suppliers are Brackers, Archie Bray Clay Business, Aardvark, The Ceramics Store in Philly, Bailey for larger equipment, Axner's, U.S. Pigment, Alligator Clay, and Seattle Pottery. Never have had any problems with any of the above. Excellent customer service with Bailey's tech support. Replaced a gear (my fault) on my slab roller, a controller on the rheostat on the foot pedal (has a name but I forget what it is) and the pressure gauge on my vacuum control on my pug ,mill which got broken when I moved to Texas in 2006. . Marcia
  3. Got to meet Chad of Up in Smoke pottery at our panel . And Rebecca in the bar bar at the Hilton. Sorry to miss the rest of you who went. It was a busy NCECA. Marcia
  4. Just back from NCECA. I wanted to say thanks to those who stopped by after our panel to say hello. It is always nice to add a face to a name. I thought it was a good NCECA and I enjoyed seeing so many OLD friends. We are getting older every year and it shows. I had three friends commemorated in the Past Masters sessions. So until next year.... Marcia
  5. when I was a kid the Philadelphia phone book was used for this purpose. It was about 3 inches thick. There are no phone books that thick in Montana. Oxford Dictionary made do.
  6. When NCECA was in Seattle there was a show of the 10 wood kilns of the area. I think , if you must fire it, you should contact one of the owners of these kilns. Marcia
  7. Pres, where is the ceramic Arts Daily reception or is it the same as the ICAN? Marcia
  8. I am using soluble salts in low temperature firing.
  9. I think there are also calls for volunteers for locals to works registration and other things. Old Lady, I wish I knew you were working in Tampa. I want to meet you face to face sometime. I did get to hang out with President some some of NCECA. And worked with him on the Potters Council Board jurying the K-12 show. It is great to meet social media friends face to face. Also met Glazenerd in Pittsburg. Marcia
  10. I'll be part of a panel on low firing process called "How Low Can You Go?" with Paul Wandless moderating, Russel Fouts, Judith Motzkin, and Ken Turner Friday at 10:45 Auditorium C. I have been attending NCECA since 1971. The programming is overwhelming with 6 or more talks, panels etc going at once, plus the Fab Lab, trade show, exhibitions etc. I have presented on panels and given lectures from the history of Architectural ceramics from Central Asia to Spain and my partner, Stephanie Stephenson continued Part 2 with Architectural Ceramics from Colonial Mexico to Hollywood. This year, the Honoring Masters, those we have lost this year, include 4 of my friends. That's what happens if you stick around long enough. There are constant demonstration, NCECA is an amazing event and travels around the country. This year in Minneapolis, the Mingei Woodfired influence will be prevelant but so will many events emphasizing community and inclusion. If you live in the area, just trying to see the exhibitions would keep you bust for at least 2 weeks.You may not need the day pass for the shows except for free admission to the museums. The crowd is made up of about 6000 clay enthusiasts, professionals, educators, hobbyists, etc. There are lively clay talks in all the lobbies and bars. The trade show offers discounted books, tools, materials equipment, etc. It is worth the price of admission. I have been going over the bus routes for the shows, the program and talks for several days. Check out what is happening here. https://nceca.net Marcia
  11. the newspaper also allows the shrinkage movement to occur reducing braking. I do this with y large raku slabs 25" x 18" Marcia
  12. I get mine straight from Laguna delivered by parcel post. It is cheaper than "less than a pallet". I do give the ladies at the postoffice a heads up and tell them to call me when it arrives so they don't have to move it several times. Marcia
  13. it looks a lot like my wood fired raku kiln from the 70s except I had a barrel on pulleys lined with fiber. It was made of scrap bricks and was torn down regularly by neighborhood kids. The drawing of the design is in "Raku ; A Practical Approach , 2nd edition p 113. We split 2 x 4 scrap to fire. It did fire fast once we got the temperature for the first batch. My classes fired all day. The barrel sat on top of the cylindrical brick chamber. Mine was more tapered.
  14. there used to be an additive called "plasticizer" . maybe it is still around. Vee-gum is also a plasticizer. Marcia
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