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  1. I'd like to hear some compelling reasons for using a sieve for making glazes.
  2. One day, I was talking on the phone (boring conversation) and doodling and a very strange looking sculptural piece emerged–the antithesis of what I was working on. It just happens. Often, a fully formed image comes to my mind, usually just before or after sleep, in the shower, or when I clear my mind and let new ideas come in. Then I do a sketch and get over to the studio. The final product is very close to the impulse and first sketch–I don’t mess with that original design because when it first appears, it is in its purest form. Another technique is just to grab some clay, start manipulating it and let it tell you what it wants to be. All this involves being open to your intuition and not being afraid of failing. That judgement thing really blocks creativity.Just stop thinking and trying and you'll get an idea.
  3. kelleyisfj

    What's the best potters wheel on a budget?

    I love my little Artista wheel. It's less than $400, portable and works like a dream. In parrticular, I'm very pleased that instead of having a pedal, there is a dial for controlling speed. Using the pedal while throwing puts your body off center, is hard to control a steady speed, and can ruin your work by those accidental mishaps with pedals. Send an email if you want to hear more. kelleysart@yahoo.com.
  4. I'm looking for a blue celedon cone 5/6 glaze I can use in an electric kiln.
  5. I listen to the birds outside.

  6. kelleyisfj

    Water Filtration

    Thanks everyone! I think I'll use the fabric filter technique and use canvas, since it is so thick and might catch more particles. Kathleen
  7. Hi, I am setting up a small studio in my condo and know that something has to be done with the water I use. I really can't just dump it out off my balcony. I used to work in a large studio and they had a contraption set up under the sink but I really can't do that. So far I've been putting the water in a bucket, letting the water settle and pouring the top water into the kitchen sink. That still leaves water with clay particles and slurry at the bottom. Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks, Kathleen
  8. kelleyisfj


    Hi, I like to use the techiques I learned from Mata Ortiz potters for burnishing. Although they handbuild, you can use the same principles with thrown pieces. At leatherhard, I use a fine, #32 hacksaw I've cut in half. Using the edge with the teeth, scrape over the surface in multiple directions. This will reveal the high and low sections. Don't brush off the raised bits but use them to even out the surface with the smooth edge of the hacksaw It's amazing how consistent the surface will become. I don't burnish when it is leather hard--too easy to make dents in the surface. When it is DRY take a dry clean-up sponge and begin burnishing with that. You should get a bit of sheen. Then, rub a small amount of vegetable oil on the pot and let it partially soak in until you get a white sheen on the surface. Take your polished stone and rub very gently using the weight of the stone only. Go into your meditative state and enjoy burnishing! I don't see why you couldn't burnish the inside the same way, as long as you can reach it. I just burnish the part you can see on the inside. Make sure your clay has very little grog to get a good burnish. Can't imagine how you would have trouble with explosions unless you make your pieces too thick and get air bubbles. I try to keep mine no more than 3/8 inch thick. Of course, to keep the burnish, you need a very low kiln. That might be a good topic of discussion--what temp do people use for burnished pieces? I've heard everything from 018 - 010. Good Luck! Kathleen

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