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  1. Firing large beads

    Never thought of that! I had seen a photo where the entire bead was colored, but who's to say how the ends got done, or whether they even need to be! Thanks!
  2. I am making a garden decoration...large tubular beads slid on rods that will go into the ground or in large pots. Rods are 36-48" long. Beads range from 1 inch to 6 inches in length...made from ^5-6 stoneware clay. They are bisque fired. Question is: can I use my ^5-6 glazes to dip the beads, leaving the last 1/4" to stand them on in the kiln for firing (to ^6)...Then, paint the last 1/4" in a low fire glaze, and stand them on the end already glazed in the ^5-6 glaze and fire to ^06 for the final (and 3rd) firing? in other words, will the ^06 firing heat the ^5-6 glaze up enough to make the bead stick to the kiln shelf? Or do I just need to put each bead on a stilt? (Too many beads to buy bead racks.) Thanks for any assistance or ideas! Sandi
  3. When To Change Dust Masks?

    I would change the mask if you're smelling clay dust. I keep my mask in a sealed plastic bag so as not to get clay/glaze dust in it, but I keep a few new masks on hand so I'll have a new one to use when I need it. (If you're smelling dust, you're breathing it.) Hope this helps...happy potting!
  4. Underglaze On Mid-Fire Clay

    Thank you for your response. I guess I will look for the overglaze enamel since I have so much clay that is ^6. At least I know what to do now!
  5. I'm needing assistance on how to best paint details on a mid-fire clay. I'm fairly new at this, but have a small kiln that I fire ^6 oxidation in. My clay is ^6, but when I fire my details with underglazes, the color fires out. I do see that most of the underglazes say ^06. The pieces I'm referring to are decorational, not functional for eating, so should I be using a low fire clay? Does the mid-fire clay have to be fired to ^6?
  6. Hello to all! I'm looking forward to participating in the ceramic community forum...after I learn to navigate in here!