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  1. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Thanks Mark! I think I am going to pass. I just found two others in my area building kilns and if we order a large bunch of bricks together...we should be able to do better at the price and freight. I did buy 800 K23 & K26 soft brick that have been stored inside for a little more than a dollar each...so I will go get those instead and that will be enough driving for me. They should be enough for an insulating layer and I'll save my back too. Thank you for your advice. if the fellow doesn't sell the hard brick and he drops the price a little...i may do another road trip...they certainly could help with the chimney! Thank you for all of your advice. When I start building I'll touch base again. May your salty pots bring you joy and happiness! ~Barbara
  2. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Mark: Thanks... I did call them and a Missouri manufacturer. Both state the bricks are not theirs. I called Mt Savage and Valley Steel who bought Maryland in 2009...they have only made grog. I've searched the internet and read posts like these looking for a lead. People have been very nice...but no one seems to know the source. I've even discovered their are brick collectors who seek out stamped bricks but no one has been able to give me any definitive info. The only thing I know is that the seller bought them all at the same time...the KX-99 soapers, the shelves and the bricks and they were new 40 years ago. He claims he only fired the kiln about 3 times. He's an older gentleman. My brain says don't get something that may not be right, my gut tells me they must be high fire if they were purchased to build a kiln. I have access to a truck this weekend and can make the road trip...but it's about 14 hrs of driving total. I have not seen much in terms of used kiln brick in New England and I am trying to cut some costs. If you walked in my shoes what would you do? I have already put a lot of time into scouting these out. Many thanks for your advice...maybe save my money, my gas and my time to get the high alumina ones? ~Barbara
  3. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Thanks so much for your help. I already have insulating brick...about 800 which I thick is twice what I need for the outside insulation. This would get me at least partway and then I would have the money for super duty and lighter shelves. I am also research floating slab construction as I live in Maine and this last winter was long & cold! ~Barbara
  4. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Ok I think I have it.
  5. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Thanks I have a picture and they are standard straights 4.5x2.5x9" but I cannot seem to attach a picture here. The usual photo icon requires a URL??? Is there another way to post an image. The fellow does not have the weight. They were purchased new in upstate NY about 40 years ago along with some KX-99 soaps that I know are capable of cone 9/10. ~Barbara
  6. I Got 84 Kiln Brick But A Reduction Ain't One.

    Hi All: I am hoping someone can help me out. I have a line on 250 straights bricks marked MRC along with some shelves and soapers marked KX-99 (which I know are high duty). I want to build a salt kiln...yes I love the salt! My concern is that the 250 bricks are not high fire enough to withstand a Cone9 salt firing. Does any one know? I would be very happy if they are useful. Supposedly they were fires to a cone 9 but I have my doubts. The bricks look almost new for sitting outside for 40 years. ~Barbara Many thanks.
  7. Majolica-Like Glaze Decorating At Cone 10

    Thank-you all for your responses. I was pre-occupied the last month with mother-issues. I have continued to experiment and did mix my own cobalt oxide glazes. I am getting more variation on the blues and feel that I have some control. I even started to make my own brushes to get the strokes that I needed. I tried bits of different Mason stains and I am using an over or on-glaze technique with clear as the base. The yellows have not been great. I have not yet tried them as an underglaze...which is my next plan of experimentation. At the moment I am still trying to get better at thinner walls and centering larger amounts of clay. The reason for the Cone 10 is 2-fold: that's my teacher's kiln and I really want long-term dishwasher surviving wares. I understood that the higher the temp of firing...the stronger the pot? In general, how do cone 6 wares fare in the dishwasher over time? Thanks for all of your suggestions and help. ~B
  8. Hello...I have been trying to effect a Majolica-like decoration on white stoneware with a clear over-glaze at cone 10. I have been using cobalt carbonate & cobalt oxide hoping to be able to vary the shade of blue. There isn't any difference in the shading and it appears that carbonate is crazing through the clear over glaze. I am fairly new to pottery...and need some advice. Would I be better off trying to use Mason stains? Ultimately I would like to add other colors to my designs...but right now I am focusing on the blues. Thanks for any direction you can offer!
  9. Salt Kiln Bricks

    getting Ready to Build