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  1. Gas kiln

    Hello Brian, I have a small gas kiln, nothing like that. At some point I didnt use it for some time. Big surprise: clogged burner with a tiny piece of lint. One firing lost and learning how to get it working. Also all the security sections should be looked at. Before using a gas kiln after sometime one should desasemble the burners, use a vacum cleaner and reasemble. My car mechanic helped me the first time and we used a air pressure machine. If parts have to be replaced industrial ovens and hoobs companies sometimes have them. Best luck Sofia
  2. Photo Transfer

    Thanks Nam Potter We have lots of acacia trees in Portugal, maybe that will be my first experiment:) Will also try art stores in Lisbon for gum arabic. Sofia
  3. Photo Transfer

    Hello, I am in Portugal desperatly lookiing for gum arabic , just to have people looking at me as if I was some strange alien.. This is all I need to start Kristina Bogdanov printing after hunting for mason stain and so. Can anyone tell me if it is replaceble and for what ? Sofia

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