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  1. electric kiln lid failure

    its split in half. im going to see about making some ceramic buttons, getting some new strapping, refractory cement and high temp wire. repair, restrap, button kaowool blanket on underside of lid instead of on top. bianca, as for your soft bricks on top, you may well save yourself some grief by insulating from within.
  2. electric kiln lid failure

    pretty sure the lid was in good shape before. ive gotten a lot of mileage out of it, but have never seen any wear develop before this. now, there is a 1/4" crack at the edge from the center and the band is broken. damn flat lids. i had a "minnessota flat top" fail on me at around cone 9 before too. this latest episode happened somewhere between cone 04 and 2. i might investigate a diy fiber lid. anybody have any experience with those?
  3. Here's a good one for you. I put a layer of fiber blanket on top of my Olympic kiln lid thinking it would make my firing more efficient. Ha. Ha. Lid got too hot, cracked and broke the band. Now, I feel like an idiot and I have to buy a new lid.

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