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  1. Pres- I have been using 112 & 225 for the last couple of years, and normally the 112 looks like your photo. However, the last batch I bought -( I usually get a a few hundred pounds at a time)- looks a lot different. The specks are much larger and more of them-- it ruins the effect of the glaze I like to use on it. Have you run in to this problem before with this clay? (Mississippi)
  2. I had the same thing happen with my NEW CI wheel- turns out the belt had slipped off the drive pulley in shipping and was slowly being shredded. This happened because the wheelhead had slipped down on the shaft. Look at the belt and the wheelhead & see if they have slipped out of position. It was not hard to fix at all. CI sent me a new belt & instructions I kept the slightly worn one for a spare.