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  1. Crimes And Mythdemeanors

    I use white vinegar to age reclaim -- mix it in and let it sit. Another myth dispelled: you can use previously frozen clay; it just needs a lot of wedging or some pugging. I actually find it great to work with; very smooth and aged. cheers! My favorite myth is adding beer to clay for the yeast to help the clay age. With the exception of a few speciality beers, modern beers do not contain live yeast. yeast is killed before bottling. Better to enjoy the beer than to waste it in the clay. Cheers, Claire You are correct BUT when the myth was but a youngster all beer would have contained live yeast and so the myth lives on. I think that the ancients following the dictum "Necessity is the mother of invention" developed pottery just so they could make and store beer. Why else would they expend all of that effort making pots? Mudlark