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  1. Ideas for ugly pots?

    Cool idea to bury a couple, I'm going to do that, but only good ones!
  2. Ideas for ugly pots?

    One of those holds my brushes! It is fun, and I will for sure keep a few of the early ones!
  3. Ideas for ugly pots?

    So true, that is what I'm doing now, I don't fire anything I'm not completely satisfied with, and luckily those pots are getting to be more and more numerous!!
  4. Ideas for ugly pots?

    That's how I'm leaning, thanks TJR for the nudge!
  5. My first posting here! As a somewhat new potter, I find my skill level improving steadily over time, but in order to have gotten here, I've made a lot of very substandard pots that I want to get out of my life permanently, but feel bad just throwing them into the landfill, and certainly don't want to sell. Does anyone have any creative ideas for using ugly pots? I've thought maybe breaking them up into shards and doing some kind of mosaic, but I could probably cover my whole driveway with what I've got on hand, and I'd so much rather be throwing than doing mosaics!