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    Firing a Propane Kiln in Canadian Winters

    Propane in the tank is liquid and must boil ( ie chang state to gas ) to be used. This is achieved on warm days by absorbing heat from the atmosphere as it boils and changes to gas the pressure rises. In cold temperatures it will simply stay liquid at atmospheric pressure. As the level drops in the tanks the surface area of the liquified gas reduces and thus the area to absorb heat reduces and the problem gets worse. I know we struggle here in England where temperatures are unpleasant but warmer than Canada. Can you keep the cylinders inside? You can heat gently by running hot water over the cylinders but do not try direct heat , I know or rather knew somebody who tried that - he is no longer with us!. We solved the problem by getting a bulk tank about 3 cubic metre but even this ends up with a covering of ice if the ambient temberature drops near to but above freezing. Good luck

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