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  1. Firing temps 101 for newbies

    The Cone 05-06 did fine you say and the Cone 5/6 disappeared? It sounds as if you fired low and the high fire glaze is underfired and has changed color only. When firing multiple temperature glazes on one piece, fire the highest temperature glaze first, then apply and fire your lower firing glaze(s). If it were reversed, if you fired high first, the high firing glaze would have been fine and the lower temperature glaze would most likely have bubbles, or may be excessively runny or have some other glaze defect from being overfired. Thank you so much! Very helpful!
  2. I'm new at this. I fired a piece recently and used two different glazes - one says to fire at cone 5/6. The other says to fire at cone 05/06. the low temperature glaze did OK. The higher temperature glaze seems to have completely disappeared. I would say it was overfired, but the 05/06 glaze did fine. What happened? If glazes need to fire at different temperatures do you just fire them at different times or can they never be used together on the same piece?