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  1. Suitable clay body for grill

    Sorry one more thing, I was not looking to do the grilling surface out of ceramic, just the body of the enclosure. Thanks again Dave
  2. Suitable clay body for grill

    Thank you every one for the input. I will attempt to explain this a bit better. This would be a wood pellet grill, were small amounts of wood pellets are feed into a burner pot. Something like a table spoon every minute. The burner pot its self is typicaly a separate part about the size of a coffee cup and can be held off the clay surface. So one advantage is that there would be no burning fuel against the body. Also the burner pot requires combustion air from a blower so the heat is circulated fairly evenly thru out the enclosure. Yes the Egg type BBQ grill is along the lines I was thinking of, but laid on its side. Think of a propane tank laid on its side and split horizontaly so the top is a lid. I was hoping the exterior would be appealing.
  3. Suitable clay body for grill

    I am also experimenting with raku clay and refractory clay. This I am told should also work.
  4. Suitable clay body for grill

    I am also experimenting with raku clay and refractory clay. This I am told should also work.
  5. Suitable clay body for grill

    Thanks Mark The engineer is what I hope to avoid, what do you think?
  6. Hi Please bear with me as I am not informed. Both at work and at home my art form is steel. I was asked develop a pellet fired grill (smoker) for a client. Pretty much all the models on the market are sheet metal. After a far bit of research I'm coming to the conclusion the a ceramic type grill would be a superior product. I just dont konw enough about the subject to decide if this is a really viable approuch. I find myself in completely foreign territory. Again please bear with me. I'm thinking of basically a standard propane BBQ with the body made of some manner of ceramic material. I'm thinking of a slip. My first question is what type of clay, I started looking at high fired and even refractory type clays. Im thinking this is over kill. The operating temp on a grill like this is in the 500F range maybe 800F max. This is well below any cone temperatures I see on clay bodies out there. So is it safe to say pretty much any clay body will suffice from a temperature stand point? So if that is the case a more important issue will be strength and toughness for shipping and daily use. Any ideas here would be appreciated. Insulation and light weight would be another attribute, looking at paper clay, is there a practical limit to how much paper material can be added? From what I can see online about 20% by weight is the limit. Is there another material that could be used as a light weight filler? Any words of wisdom on producing such a peice in a production type setting owuld be greatly appreciated.

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