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  1. JohnnyK

    Reclaimed clay

    I have been reclaiming Laguna B-Mix, Soldate 60, and Raku clay for a couple of years and haven't had any problems with cracking.
  2. I have a few Corian bats that I made from some sink cutouts and discarded countertops, but I think the material might be too costly for your project... JohnnyK
  3. JohnnyK

    Repairing Gas Kiln Arch Bricks

    While I agree with Neil that the breaks aren't bad enough to affect the function of the kiln, I think it might be possible to replace the broken bricks with the help of the University's welding department. You can have them fabricate a supporting arch to fit under the bricks in question and with a jack, raise the support enough to loosen the bricks. Remove the bricks and repair or replace them. This way, you can make your repair and the welding dept gets a real world project to help their students. If you want to make a really big deal about it, get the engineering dept involved to design the supporting arch. Maybe this will work for you. JohnnyK
  4. JohnnyK

    Clay Additives

    You might check out Kathleen Standen's book here: https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/additions-to-clay-bodies/
  5. Hey, Daniel, Since the H-cal sets up chemically, you might consider making a clay plug for the area that you want to hollow out. You could build the plug around an armature of the appropriate size and suspend it from the lip of your mold (maybe a tapered cone shape plug), then pull the plug before the h-cal sets up hard...or wait until it sets up and then scrape it out of your piece. JohnnyK
  6. What is your favorite glaze effect? No matter how intricate or simple your piece is I feel that it is the glaze that makes it what it is. As such I am continually experimenting with various effects and getting a good response to what I am producing whether it is a bowl or horsehair Raku pot. What's in your bag of tricks?
  7. JohnnyK

    Problem with Podmore Alsager wheel

    It looks like it is a belt problem from the regular timing of the thumping. Since belts are so inexpensive, I would start there. JohnnyK
  8. My fave is a yunomi that I made because I wanted to work without handles. The glaze effect is such that I marvel at it every day and will be reproducing it or a variation of it in the future... JohnnyK
  9. I would guess that you are forming your pieces on bats or ware boards...if so, you could sandwich your piece between 2 boards and then turn it over. Then you could add your clay hangers... JohnnyK
  10. Are you looking for a white that you will be top coating with a clear or a white base for colored glazes? I have been using Laguna B-Mix5 for all of my^5-6 throwing with great success. You might try a bag... JohnnyK
  11. Thanks to all of you for the input as I am starting the process of building inventory to sell at a local Farmers market which is open every Saturday and allows crafters to sell their wares. The cost of the booth is only $30, so just a few sales will make it worthwhile. I was able to sell some of my pottery at my roadside stand over the summer and feel that I can do fairly well at the Farmers market if I give it a shot. JohnnyK
  12. JohnnyK

    Salvage Glaze with Too Much Water

    I agree with Curt on point #2...since you're dealing with pints, just pour them into bowls or buckets of an appropriate size and let the water evaporate to a point where you can get the specific gravity right for application. JohnnyK
  13. You apparently haven't tried Laguna B-Mix 5 with grog. I use smooth B-Mix for all my throwing of functional ware and am considering the grogged version for Raku work. I'll have to run some tests to see if it will hold up to the thermal shock of the Raku firing. JohnnyK
  14. A great auction! KVIE sold the trio of pots for $350...way more than the retail of $120!

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    2. LeeU
    3. oldlady


      wonderful!   (do you know that this forum says you do not accept personal messages?  if that is your choice, i respect that but i wonder if you know about it)

    4. JohnnyK


      I did not know that...how do I change that? Thanks !

  15. Without formal education I wouldn't be where I am now in my skill level and vision with regard to Ceramics. I have completed 3 courses at Sierra College and aced all 3 leaving me with a 4.0 average. The stuff that I learned in these courses has brought me to a place where I am doing custom orders as well as being able to donate to my local PBS station KVIE/ juried Art Auction
  16. JohnnyK

    Glaze Troubles

    This looks like an interesting effect, Carl. Can you show us the entire pot? JohnnyK
  17. Big weekend coming up as my trio of Horsehair Raku jars goes on the auction block at the local PBS KVIE station's annual Art Auction. At the preview Gala on Monday it already had an early bid of $150 against an asking price of $120. My segment of the auction will air in the 1PM hour on Saturday...

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    2. Gabby


      When my work is good enough, I hope to contribute it to auctions, not at the level of a PBS station but more of a local non-profit.  I am so glad when I hear that people whose work can really make a difference choose to donate it in this way.

    3. Benzine


      Wait, if it's made out of horse hair, wouldn't that be considered weaving?!...  I kid.

      Great work, for a great cause.

    4. yappystudent


      Citrus Heights is one of my old home towns, nice to see a CAD person doing the neighborhood some good. I lived in one of the apt blocks on the east side of sunrise mall when Alexander Calder stabiles and sunlight sculptures were still part of the mall's architecture, before it's makeover anyway, many hours spent at the movies and hanging out.  

  18. JohnnyK

    Earthenware bakers

    Check out Sumi von Dassow's book "In the Potter's Kitchen" which I think is the definitive source for the info you are seeking. JohnnyK
  19. JohnnyK

    How was this vase made?

    Nah...With the main light coming from the right side and the initials being highlighted on the left side, I would agree with LT that the initials are carved and not slip trailed...
  20. JohnnyK

    Non EZ-Up Tents??

    Hi, MAS, and welcome to the Forum... Since the event organizer says no EZ-up tents because of wind, I'm wondering why they would allow any other type of canopy...I say this because I only have experience with EZ-ups. I would imagine that any canopy in windy conditions run the risk of becoming airborne. That said, do you even need a canopy? Can you define your space with your display shelving and/or tables? Hopefully some of the forum members who have more experience with this type of venue will have more input... JohnnyK
  21. JohnnyK

    What the heck is MAGIC WATER

    Try a swimming pool supplier...a small retail store should be able to sell a small amount. Heck, I'd send you what you need but a white powder in a mailed envelope would probably get me sent to jail these days
  22. Weight is the killer here. I'd do a comparison here between the USPS and FedEx. I don't think you will find flat rate boxes large enough to fit a set of properly wrapped plates and mugs. Mark C. might have a good idea of where to go and how to pack. JohnnyK
  23. Great looking mugs for your first go around, Shawn! Take heart in knowing that things will improve as you get more familiar with what your glazes will do at certain temps and methods of application. These are the first steps of a long and fulfilling journey! JohnnyK
  24. You might also dry the handles a little with a fan to lower the moisture content but still have them flexible enough to bend and join without cracking...
  25. WOW...where do I start? At this point I can't say that I have a favorite...actually, I think the splash pan is the fave since it keeps the throwing mess to a minimum... I've built a heavy duty extruder and use 1/4" Lexan salvaged from a Sub-Zero refrigerator door to make the dies, a half dozen or more hacksaw blade trimming tools, a chattering tool from a piece of 1" heavy duty steel banding from a lumber yard, scratch tool from a piece of 5/16" brake line tubing, various cut-off wires, various bamboo/squirrel tail brushes, splash pan from the bottom of a plastic trash barrel, 3 banding wheels made from recycled ceiling fans...and these are just what comes to mind. I think my next BIG project will be to get an old trash masher and use the motor and screw drive to convert my extruder. As I spend more time in the studio with winter coming on, I'm sure there will be more things to fabricate to make my clay work easier. I'll soon be posting a video showing how I made my last banding wheel from a ceiling fan. I'll also post pix to my gallery album of some of the afore mentioned tools. JohnnyK

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