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    I am a ceramic artist, but focus mainly on sculpture, I have a studio at home and sometimes do contract work in the film industry. My interests are Art in it's many forms, dancing, music, walking in beautiful natural suroundings..nature in general, my friends and family, mythology, spirituality...
  1. Food Dye In Commercial Glaze

    I am not sure about this entirely, I would imagine it fires out. I did notice a whole lot of food colouring in my office when I recently took on a position as a ceramics technician, so I will get round to testing this out. although I would bet on them firing out completely .
  2. Hi there, no I don't mind input about Numerology, I find it all quite interesting, so if you have any other information, I would be most intrigued. About your cracked bottoms on your pots. I have a feeling this is due to too much use of water when joining. When I work with slabs, and score my slabs on both surface areas I then use a slip , which I make up as a paste from the clay I'm wo...

  3. atelier3.gif

    Nice setup you've got there!
  4. I agree with all of you, I concentrate more on sculpture but have recently made some vases for a competition, to assess my work I include the 360 valuation constantly throughout the working process, I also find that moving a light around my work in the evening helps me to evaluate curves properly, the light allows me to see any irregularities as do the shadows. ( the light is actually stationary when I am rotating my work, but I do position the light in different places ) I am not sure if this will help others, it is just something I picked up working at night ( I have two children ) I also agree with the photographing of work to determine aesthetics, although I must admit that in sculpture often the piece looks better in the flesh.
  5. Hi there, wishing you all the best with your ceramic art journey. If you put your mind to it you can go far with ceramics, it is a long journey and one must remember to be patient. I also recommend getting some books and dropping into ceramic artists studios. All the best! Jacqui

  6. Hi Devorka, your work is fantastic! Tell me did you manage to put a website together yet? Jacqui

  7. Waves

    Oh Wow! this is awesome, what a clever idea for a lamp!
  8. Lure (lupin) detail

    I love this organic piece, and have recently experimented with 'Cheese plant flower cones' by rolling them in slabs of clay, it was quite effective.
  9. Ceramic Art

    Various Ceramic sculptures and vessels that I have created over the years.
  10. Bone Dry Clay Quandry

    I don't agree that recycling clay has to be messy or hurt one too much. I will always have a little pain wedging clay due to a bad wrist breakage. What I do with hard clay is make sure I have two or even three bags around the clay, a hard cement surface and a hammer. I then hammer away at the clay bag while kneeling on a cushion, toss the contents of the bag in an ice-cream container / whatever and cover with water and leave it till it has totally soaked up all the water( mine usually sits for days), if there is excess pour it off then I have a plank covered in canvas material( nailed and taught over plank) ready and waiting, I slop the wet lumpy clay on the plank, it shouldn't stand higher than 2/3 cm while drying a bit, I also loosen any lumps by pressing my fingers in all ten at a time, like piano playing. If there is sun you can speed the process along by moving the plank outside. From there you just wedge as much as you can at a time, and store in bags again. Clay in South Africa is rather costly, especially porcelain. If this is going to hurt then I suggest doing it with someone or building that dissolving wall