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    Homemade Kiln Plans

    I'm almost 100% new to kilns, pottery, and my rebuild toward goals. I rather nearly lost my life entirely due to undiagnosable medical issues and my governments lack of understanding and assitance...but I have rebuilt my entire being nearly 100% alone and am ready to rebuild the last of my life to get back onto our taxing roles (pardon the pun). However, as intelligent as I might sometimes be, I can not (for the life of me) find one single useable plan for a moderate small electric or propnae fired kiln to use in my jewelries and potteries mold needs...help? Believe you me, if I had 3 nickles or a dime I would buy a professional or used kiln...I am creative though and will find a way...can anyone guide me to any site or plan which does not cost even that nickle (which is so demanded to be used in more mandatory needs presently)? By the way, thank you!
  2. The serial number to my BD 180 is 68128 with the Mod FMRJ Sitterkiln - yeah, 1968 but in perfect working order - well, except i have never used a kiln, it has no manual, the last user had no idea what it was, and Blue Diamond has not answered my past 6 emails nor 3 phone calls or messages.....where the devil can I learn how to use this thing and timing...it is a cone 6 system...tis all I know to say...LOL HELP? many laughing thank you's to anyone who has any idea
  3. Pagan_Considerations

    Homemade Kiln Plans

    Stephen, I do apprecaite this fact of nothing free or cheap...luckily I have scrounged about our area forever and know how to trade for items with good old fashioned hard work (methodical intelligent work in my weakened state). With the books you and John suggest, and some inventive nature, I will slowly accomplish the needed tasks and study. Luckily, even one of the main ACE Hardware owners is a friend who might do trades for the high expense items such as safe proper fireproofing materials...well, some anyway...LOL The college does sound an excellant choice since I do know they offer a course, but they mostly want you to do projects their curriculum demands...but i do have a good reputation as a past student there, so it is also something to serriously consider. I want to thank you both, I am certain our conversation here will bring new people valuable insights...and you have both brought sides to consider that are highly important. My best, and my Thanks, Ronald
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    Homemade Kiln Plans

    well...back to the banana factory for me I guess then...uncertain the age of the material, so best to trash...owe you my lungs! "Analog"? Is that anything like "snail mail"? OMG! You have me considering those nickles now...thanks, John! (Library ho! ) grrr...
  5. Pagan_Considerations

    Homemade Kiln Plans

    Mr Baymore...my great appreciation for this...LOL...heck, I got so used to the net that I forgot god made libraries many millenia ago The library sounds like the best beginning indeed! Hmmm...and I consider myself semi-intelligent I'll def be seeking the titles you recommend...it isn't the time, and materials are easily traded for...but the nickles aren't... I have gained some basic fireproofing from antique damaged electirc kilns, though no bodies or anything else, and I also have a mobile 60 gallon propane tank and burner outfit...thank you again!
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    My Bonz Icon

    tres-w dot bonanzle dot com slahs booths slash pagan_considerations
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    From the album: My Copyrighted Works

    Why the caption? Easy...normality bores me! 1 Pre-Ban Ivory Tusk Cross, odd numbered faceted 3 to 4 mm rondell each side of the cross: Ruby, Tourmalene, Saphire, Ruby, Ruby (all sat between a Fresh Water Cultured Pearl Cross. Silver Wire was used to maintain form. See more images at photobucket "artisanics" as the user

    © &copy Ronald D Caple 2009

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    My Copyrighted Works

  9. Pagan_Considerations

    for bonanzle 750 x 105 px.jpg

    From the album: My Copyrighted Works

    © &copy Ronald D Caple, Pagan Considerations 2009


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