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  1. Pinging After Firing

    Thanks. I wondered if that was the problem. I have not had a problem with other firings, but this was the first time with a low fire glaze. I had been using a cone 5-6 glaze. Since these were small test pieces there is no problem and I learned a valuable lesson. Again, thanks for the info.
  2. I fired my small kiln and pieces are still pinging 36 hours after being removed from the cooled kiln. I fired to 05 as glaze was rated. The clay was rated to fire to cone 10. I am a newbie and this my experience with pinging other than raku. What causes this pinging?
  3. I am a newbie and just bought a kiln. I have some air dry clay that can be also be fired to cone 5-10. Do I need to fire initially to the bisque stage or go ahead after it is air dry and glaze and then fire it? Thanks for any assistance.