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Help me get a Kiln

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  1. What Kiln should I buy?

    Thank you so much guys! This is exactly what I was wanting to know.
  2. What Kiln should I buy?

    Yes i'll need it at about 1000F degrees. I haven't goten a chili pepper kiln or one like it because I don't have $500-1000 to spend right know. I was looking at some adds and found these two kilns in my price range, so I was wondering if I should get one. Or wait and save up to get a proper kiln.
  3. What Kiln should I buy?

    Ok thank you Do you think it will be good for anneal beads?
  4. What Kiln should I buy?

    I am looking for a kiln that I can anneal my beads in. I am currently working with moretti glass, but I hope to be working with other types too.
  5. Hi I need your help! I have been making glass beads for about six months to a year now, and I want to sell my work. I need to buy a kiln to anneal my beads, I know there are special kilns you can buy but I don't have that kind of money. I have found two kilns for sale in my area and I am wondering if I should buy one? and if they are good for annealing beads. I would love any advice you guys can give me! Kiln 1) Scutt Kiln - Fires to cone 10. Comes with new elements, new sitter and bricks which need to be installed. For $170 Kiln 2) Has no photo Model DK 820.1 Excellent condition 1050°C/1922°F Requires 240 volts Includes shelves, cones and 8 posts Plus an extra element. For $350