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  1. Thank you, John. We've been searching for his info for days. Sincerely. ..................Derek
  2. That's the feldspar pellets (a type of mineral used as flux) aswell as some silicon contained in the primary clay that Mr. Lin used in his works. During the high temperature, some finer clay in primary clay would melt and transformed into glaze and the little stones would rather melted into white spots or remain there. That's where the white coarse came from. Sincerely. ........Derek
  3. Dear friends: Sorry for waiting. It take some time editing and correcting this film. Hope you like it! Sincerely, ...................Derek
  4. Thank you for your information This is Derek from Taiwan. The kiln that had reached 1516℃was built by my master, Mr. Lin. As he doesn't speak English, I am here to respond for him. Mr. Lin uses type R thermocouples as there’s only type K and R in Taiwan.He haven’t used any cone for over 10 years as he tried type R thermocouples,cone 16, PCTR, and Infrared thermometer once in his horizontal wood firing kiln ten years ago. The cone melted into liquid, and both TCPC and Infrared thermometer indicated over 1500℃when the peak pyrometer read 1447℃ with type R thermocouples. He took the pyrometer reading and decided not to use cone ever since. In his way of firing in the last 10 years, he always reaches peak at between 1380-1420℃ and maintain the temperature over 1300℃over 12 hours. This very kiln that hit 1516℃is a downdraft style wood firing kiln built by him in May, 2012. Within the 54-hour burning process, temperature was remained over 1400℃over 12 hours, and we hit temperature over 1500℃ over five times in 8 hours. He will open the kiln this Saturday and we will post the picture to share with everybody ASAP. Sincerely, …………Derek Chuang

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