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  1. Question About Fedex

    i ship around 400 - 500 pieces a year with Fedex Ground. Every time their prices start to climb (yearly) Ill give UPS a shot. I might get one broken pot a year with Fedex Ground. I've tried the switch to UPS 3 times over the past 10 years. Every time I ended up with a broken pot within the first 10 shipments. I dont know if it's package handling in their distribution centers or delivery staff. I do know there is a huge difference in how gently, or not, they handle packages. I agree with an earlier post. i mark everything at a value of $75 and Ive never had my packaging questioned. Maybe because I pack well but probably because Im not claiming a high value. If you do get a broken piece its almost impossible to succeed at a claim.
  2. Iker Bonsai Pottery

    These are examples of my Bonsai Pots. I sell through my webiste, ww.ikerbonsai pottery.com and through several bonsai nurseries across the country and world.