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  1. Thank you very much. Your logic is right, but I wanted to make different amount of colored slips and the mathematical approach is the following: I made 500 g dry "slip" and adding water I ended up with 860 ml wet slip. Dividing 500/860=0.58g dry material in every 1 ml wet slip. In 300g wet slip I have 300x0.58=174g dry material . To add 10%mason stain for black slip I need (174/100)x10=17.4g stain 1. Find how much dry material you have in 1ml wet slip -by dividing dry on wet.(500/860)=0.58 2. Multiply the wet amount you want (300)with the dry in 1 ml to have the dry amount into it(300x0.58)=174g dry 3. Calculate the percentage of stain necessary for the dry(174) material used for the wet slip. This way you can make different amounts of stained slip.
  2. I made a large amount of slip mixing materials per recipe including water. I would like to divide the slip making different color slips. How to add the necessary percent of oxides or Mason Stains to a wet slip? I think the percentages per the recipe calls for dry slip mixture. Thank you if you can help me.