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  1. Pittypat

    Firing Error

    All I could get from Trinity is that the absorbancy is going to be less than 1/%. They suggested warming the clay to no more than 200 degrees before glazing.......guess that is worth a try. thanks for your help. Pat
  2. Pittypat

    Firing Error

    The Clay is Trinity Cone 6, though I successfully fire at cone 5.(this is based on a friend's recommendation, a full-time potter who has used this clay for many years). I don't know about the absorbancy. I presume I can find that information on their web site, where would the preference percentage be?
  3. When I set the firing info into my electric kiln for firing greenwre, I was apparently badly distracted, as I failed to change from the last setting of cone 5....my intention was to fire at 04. When I checked my kiln, which should have been cooling off, I had a message of FTH.............AND I assumed the worst.........I immediately turned the power off to the kiln, and waited 24 hours to allow cooling. Apparently the kiln had held and not begu n the cooling off process...... I had no idea what I would find when I finally, in fear, opened the kiln. I did find very discolored (yellowish brown) pots. WOW...after 3 years of owning my kiln, I thought I was beyond such stupidity. What can I do with these pots? Can they be glazed and fired, or should I discard all and chalk this large kiln full of beautiful (ruined?) ware to a very bad experience. Also, what about my beautiful kiln.....have I possibly damaged it? My kiln is a Paragon with a Sentry 2.0 digital temperature controller. A hobby turned in to a disaster. Please help......also, make me feel better by telling me someone else has been similarly distracted.

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