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  1. Happy accidents are great! picture please...which cone were you firing?..... how much longer than usual was slower firing time?
  2. elaine clapper

    Buying A New Wheel! ^_^ Yes!

    Brent C is my choice. I have one in my home studio. I had four at school when I was teaching. The ones at school were work horses. One was more than 20 years old the others were 10 and 15 years old. They were used heavily and never any problems.
  3. i mostly colored in the lines. But I remember have great fun within the lines blending one color into another. One space was never just one color
  4. Maybe try a different clay? You might like a clay that fires to a buff color rather than white.
  5. elaine clapper

    Round Measuring Tool?

    Try this link. It is for builders with all kind of neat interactive templates for a variety of shapes and uses. http://www.blocklayer.com/Circle-DividerEng.aspx Put in your own dimensions and divisions and then print it.
  6. elaine clapper

    Best Stool,chair For Throwing And Glazing

    When I first got a wheel at home I used a beat up igloo cooler temporarily before I bought a stool. Well that was in 1997. I am still using it. When I am attaching handles or carving detail into the leather hard clay I put an upside down 5 gallon bucket on the wheel so the work is close to eye level. The cooler also makes a great step stool. I think the big issue with the right chair is the need to stretch/ exercise your back. I enjoy going to the gym several times a week and I know that helps.
  7. elaine clapper

    How Do You Handle Online Shipping Costs?

    Thanks for all the info. I do have Click N ship with the US post office but most of my orders have been pieces that are too big for their boxes. So I will continue to horde sturdy boxes when the opportunity arises. I was not aware of of UPS discount I will check that out. thanks again
  8. I have been trying to come up with a good solution for online sales shipping costs. I don't really sell much online. most of my sales are through a gallery or festivals. Every time I do sell online, it seems I lose out on the shipping costs. For example I recently sold a 15" chip and salsa platter the customer wanted shipped to Texas ( I am in Ohio). I took the platter to UPS had them weight it, they advised how to pack it, gave me an aprox quote of $36. I relayed the shipping quote to the customer. After the customer confirmed the sale I packed and went back to UPS. The actual shipping was $45.00. I don't want to list a shipping cost for each item and then get burned because it is too low. I don't want to make it too high and discourage sales. Do most of you ship UPS or US post office or Fed Ex? Where do you buy boxes? I mostly use ones I have saved from other things. Please look at my website and let me know if this seems like a good solution. Maybe someone has a better idea? http://elaineclapperceramics.com/images/shipping
  9. elaine clapper

    Wedging Table Surface Options

    I use a large piece of sand stone. It sits on a sturdy table of 4 x 6 lumber on two saw horses also made with 4x6 lumber. Our builder had made this from lumber scrap for a work table when we were building our house. He was going to burn it until I asked to keep it. The type of sandstone I have is generally used for fireplace hearths. In college we had marble wedging tables. Since I was not in the marble price range I just went to a stone cutting company, told them how I was going to use the stone, asked for a scrap piece of unpolished stone. I think I paid $5.00. It works great, cleans easily, after 20 years not a single mark on the surface.
  10. I taught art n the public schools for 32 years. There were always some special needs kids integrated into regular class rooms or sometimes i had a special needs class. Depending on their level of disability you need a high ratio of staff to students. Sometimes one to one. I found many of the special needs students did not the feeling of getting their hands dirty so we did things like covering a slab of clay with "press n seal" wrap and pressing the slab into a study paper plate then pressing in found objects for texture. Others would just dive right in and get muddy. Most had poorer fine motor skills so projects need to be well thought out to avoid student frustration. Clean up is mostly on the staff so it is high maintenance. Most all the students were thrilled with a finished piece of glazed and fired work that they could say " I did this!"
  11. elaine clapper

    Covering Greenware After Attachments

    After attaching handles i cover the work with an old bed sheet or pillow case. I have found the cloth lets everything dry more evenly. With plastic sometimes I would get unwanted condensation. When possible I store mugs and similar handled pieces upside down. If the newly attached handle is a little soft, the upside down gravity helps prevent any drooping or pulling away from the body. Covering newly attached work is a good guideline. Like any other "clay rule", sometimes you can break the rule and get lucky. Following "clay rules" just improves your chances of success.
  12. I use Potter's choice glazes a lot and been very happy with the results. I apply by dipping and layering. If you brush the glaze and and don't get enough coats on that could be the cause of the problem. I have not used Palladium but have used Ancient Jasper and Deep Red with great results.
  13. elaine clapper

    Photography Backgrounds

    I use and EZ Cube light tent with a gradient background for all my gallery/show applications/website photos. I purchased the light tent, lights and gradient background at the website below. http://store.tabletopstudio-store.com/ezlite.html I think the gradient background looks more professional and makes all the photos consistent.
  14. elaine clapper

    Kiln Wash Flaking Off Of Shelves

    I use a commercial kiln was from Columbus Clay. I did have problems with it flaking until I realized I was applying it too think. I apply it with a sponge. Skim milk seems like to right consistency to me. Over the years I have also learned to make sure to keep it off the edges because if it is going to flake that creates the worst problem.
  15. Morning person..a perfect day.. up at 7:00am coffee and putter around the house laundry and other exciting stuff. Studio by 9:00 am. Most likely to be in the "zone" between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Avoid starting anything new after 4:00 pm but could keep on working on mindless stuff like waxing the bottom of pots. I work in the studio most every day but as I am a retired art teacher and not a production potter, if the "zone" doesn't happen that day I will just quit early. Basketball is big in our family and my throwing skill on the wheel is very much like a the skill of shooting a basket. Throwing on the wheel is a physical skill. Practice and experience always makes you better but,,,,, Sometimes your Hot and sometimes your Not.
  16. Nor sure who I am but I am having fun at it. Taught art for 32 years now just working in my studio and learning more and more everyday. My business card says ceramic artist. I sell enough to pay for my clay needs and have a little fun money too. I thank God for giving me the talent, time and the opportunity to play in the mud!
  17. I had a teapot in which the glaze filled in the small holes opening into the spout. I drilled out the glaze. My nonfunctional teapot now pours nicely but.... there are unglazed areas where I used the drill. If I put more glaze on those spots and refire (cone 5), i am afraid of ruining the original glaze. If I put a low fire glaze o those small spots and refire at cone 06 will it affect the original glaze. or... is there any type of sealant I could just brush on the small spots that would be food safe???
  18. 2014 was the first year I have had a vender's license (OHIO) and sold work at art festivals. There were a lot of one time expenses..tent..display tables..lighting... I sold about $4000 but my expenses were slightly over that. Do I file as a hobby or a small business?
  19. i am looking for a resource with info to help make my teapots more functional. Aesthetically I am happy with the way they look but do not like the way they pour. I am sure there are some guidelines about a good spout that I am missing.
  20. elaine clapper

    Looking For Help With Teapots

    maybe you can attach a photo
  21. elaine clapper

    Looking For Help With Teapots

    I could not put a picture of my teapot on the forum post but hopefully this links up to my website http://elaineclapperceramics.com/images/teapot-blue-series-2014-008 My teapots seem to sputter rather than pour smoothly. I was not sure if it is the end of the spout or too few straining holes. I have been cutting the straining holes with a needle pushed thru. It not a clean cut on the inside maybe that is my problem. I just ordered a hole cutter tool. That my help. I am going to use more holes in I was only using three. thank everyone's ideas....Elaine .
  22. elaine clapper

    Taxes - Business Or Hobby?

    Stephen, Thanks for the IRS link that answered a lot of questions
  23. elaine clapper

    Bought The Square

    This was my first year selling work at art festivals. I used the square for all three shows and was very happy with it. In fact I would have lost many sales if credit cards were not an option. Sales were about half cash and half credit card via "the Square Card". I also really appreciate the record keeping info square provides. I know how many pieces were sold, what category, how much sales tax collected..... So I am sold on the square card. The % they charge is nothing compared to selling my work at the gallery.
  24. I have recently retired teaching art and now want to work more seriously in my own studio. I have sold things here and there over the years but tended to share my work as gifts. Now that I have the time I want to put things in a few galleries and shows. I am at a loss with pricing. Anyone have any guidelines with prices?? or what to expect as far as consignment percentages?

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