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  1. Impossible Quest? Cone04 Satin Food Safe

    john, will post recipe later. just wanted to quick reply to the craze test. you can also do it in kind of a ghetto way...this is how i test all my dishes. put the cup, bowl, etc through the dishwasher. in between cycles make some coffee, (or even grape juice works...anything dark with a tendency to stain) and leave it in the cup overnight. dishwasher again. within a couple cycles if there is crazing you will see coffee stains in the cracks.
  2. Pottery Books

    yes, keep it local when possible i've found some neat things in the used book shops around town. but what you find in those shops is also limited to what is traded in and sometimes trade is not so good. i have found amazing things buying used through amazon sellers. my favorite find so far was a big hard cover noguchi book for about ten bucks. it was in almost brand new condition.
  3. Impossible Quest? Cone04 Satin Food Safe

    thanks, john! eh, i don't think the glaze will be worth adjusting. before the piece decided to end it all i was in the middle of thinking about loosing the recipe anyways. i was using ward's red so commercial body. but now that you bring it up i will keep your advise in mind if i ever decide to work from scratch. when i said "food safe" i was thinking about the melting point of the glaze being enough to seal the parts of the clay it was on. in this case a tea bowl. heh, i never trust the so-called "standards" put forth by the fda; as a personal rule i do not use lead, cadmium, chrome, manganese, barium, (to name a few) on food ware because i honestly don't know enough about them to use them responsibly. for sculpture yeah fine but definitely not on anything that i would put tea in.
  4. hello, i am new here so...hey all! but on topic: i have been seeking high and low for a cone 04, (give or take a cone) satin glaze for my terra cotta/ low fire clay tea bowls. i'd prefer something that doesn't contain colorants but with some minor testing will takes oxides or stains. so far all of the recipes i have found are...well, not intended for dishes, or in one case shivered so bad that my poor little cup shattered in my hands when i took it out of the kiln. am i crazy? does this glaze exist? will you be my hero?
  5. flies and screams at the same time