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  1. Wheels

    Thank you all for your quick replies. I am ambidextrous and can deal with "sinister" . My son changed the belts and the wiring on my wheel and I thought that something was wrong ...not wrong just different!!
  2. Wheels

    Actually I developed a writing style that keeps my hand straight and I don't have to drag my hand through the ink and and don't curve my hand. I change the way I slant my paper. I happened to write in front of my classroom the other day and the kids were amazed and said how do you write like that. As a left hander one of my first memories of first grade was when we were learning to print our names, The teacher came racing down the aisle and ripped the paper out of my hands and slanted it the way it was "suppose to be" by slamming it on the desk.(1964 I think it was) I was so scared of the woman but in private I always slanted my paper the way I wanted to. I try to teach it to my lefties in my class.
  3. Wheels

    What direction should the wheel be turning in clockwise or counter clockwise?