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  1. Anyone use the digital pyrometers sold on eBay they're 49.99 +shipping, ceramic suppliers are charging around 150.00 are the ones on eBay garbage or are the ceramic suppliers really marking up?
  2. Cooper works raku kiln

    He really has been good, calling me back on a Sunday, triing to trouble shoot with me, I think my biggest problem is I thought This would be as easy to operate as a gas grill, silly me!!! and he's used to dealing with people who have a clue . I have such a small knowledge of how to operate a gas kiln, pottery classes are offered all over, but I can't find classes on how to operate a kiln. If anyone knows of any in the northeast, let me know or if anyone lives in the northeast and would be willing to give a firing lesson or two let me know
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  4. Cooper works raku kiln

    The kiln was bought new to run off the 5 gal tank I am using a regulator and I just got a pressure gauge The manufacturer told me I should get 3or 4 firings per tank It has 1 burner It did have a spider in the pilot hole but its brand new so I don't think there are any nests in the orifice The manufacturer is sending me another orifice he thinks maybe it was sent with the wrong one I'll be posting pictures tommorow
  5. Cooper works raku kiln

    Noooooooo, science!!!! I seriously had some student ask me, why they should have to take science in school. I explained that science is everywhere, especially in the arts. You gave me links to two very complicated wiki peda sites that do have possible theory's but there is no practical information on how to solve my firing problem ie: needs more air flow too much gas pressure, so thank you for the attempt but it just added to my frustration
  6. Cooper works raku kiln

    The tank does get condensation on the outside but no frost. I'm also having a huge problem keeping it going, it keeps shutting off, its so hard getting the air gas flow ,if flames are coming out the bottom should I open the damper on the top more or less? The flames are a very light yellow and flicker a lot , is that normal? Sorry for all the questions but this is soooo frustrating
  7. I recently purchased a cooperworks raku clamshell style kiln, I live in ct, and I'm having trouble getting it to come up to temp anyone have this kiln or any suggestions on how to get it to fire hotter, it runs on a 5gal propane tank, and should take 35or 40 min to come to temp, but it take more like 4or5 hrs

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