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  1. Are there any true wholesale outlets for wheels, kilns, other ceramic equipment, glazes, tools etc? My partner and I just incorporated our new fused glass and clay business and would like to purchase what we need at wholesale? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am a new by...I am looking for suggestions and people's experience in using commercial underglazes and/or majolica glazes that work best fired at cone 6. I like colors and am looking for glazes that will maintain vivid colors. Typically I paint designs on my bisque pieces. I have experience with stroke and coat and with amaco majolica glazes and neither seem to come out exactly like I want.. Any suggestions? What about spectrum underglazes for cone 6...anyone have any experience. I would love to see pictures of finished product. Thanks in advance
  3. I am a relative beginner. This is my question...can I use stoneware that is typically fired at cone 6 and above in the following way... I want to bisque at cone 04-06 and then glaze using various mayco glazes that are low fired glazes and then fire after glazing at cone 06? Or do I have to use low fire clay?