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    32 years full time ceramic artist and pottery teacher and a lifetime of study in the arts. My interests include education, aesthetics, ceramic design and the entire creative process as well as community outreach and mentoring.
  1. Are Sales Way Down Everywhere?

    I know the shows are hurting, but I had my best spring studio show here in 3 years. I think audiences need to be "targeted" and the time of year for shows is most important. Before mom's day, graduations, June weddings, was "the ticket" for me this year. If we each continue to educate the public about the value of American studio potters and why buying from us, and choosing a special handcrafted gift is so important---we will grow the business for each of us. Free advertising, whereever you can get it, from brightly colored easy to follow street signs, to local newspapers,...to emails. Go for and hope for a better show to come with great marketing! Of course this is not possible all over the US...i am in the DC suburbs, largely untouched by this recession. Best of luck. Susan
  2. How To Repair Glaze Flaws?

    I have touched up pieces like this, with a quick thin additional layer of clear, (as long as you have no big glaze drips on the outside wall near the bottom that might continue to migrate down), and then refire. As Marcia said, lots depends on the size of the pieces. Smaller ones, no problem. Stoneware, no problem. Once you get into the porcelain range and larger (like over 8" or so) Fergetaboutit. So....question is size? Firing temp? Claybody? Best of luck...happens to all of us. Of course if you have a "big name:" in the pottery world you can just say "there will never be another one like it," and sell it at a higher price than originally planned! I watched that happen with a nationally recognized potter to rmain namesless, with a large wall plate and he sold it, with a hunka kiln wash and piece of shelf stuck to it! Of course this was not a functional piece. Another ball game!
  3. Pottery Sales In The Dc Area

    I have lived and created and marketed in the DC area for 32 years....so guess you can say I am seasoned in this area. You have many options if you are looking for a pottery community from Maryland to Virginia. I am most familiar with Northern VA and tell you about Creative Clay in Alexandria, Torpedo Factory in olde town, Lorton Workhouse. Each of them are costly as far as studio space, thus I made my own studio space., right here in my Annandale back yard. (prior to that my basement). I have had my own studio for 8 years now,and consider myself as businesspersonal as much as an artist. Being here and having done the local shows for many years, I can tell you that the show business is a NO! business right now, and that I do best in my own studio, with my own mailing list and the contacts I have made over the years. I am happy to help you more, knowing where specifically you want to be. DC is a large metro area...with lots of opportunities. You have to go out and make your own here! I have always followed my heart and the mind comes along for the journey!