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  1. The aggravating week continues. Now fedex has lost my shipment of custom-printed shopping bags. If they can’t find it, I won’t have time to get them reprinted before my next show. 

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    2. GEP


      They are currently “investigating” whatever that means. If they can’t find the shipment, I will file a claim. The bags are worth $1k so I bet they will try not to pay it. So I’m stressed about the money. Meanwhile, I think I have enough blank bags to get through the show.  It’s not what I planned for, but I can live with blank bags for one more show. 

    3. Benzine


      "Investigating" huh?  Not paying to replace them doesn't really seem like an option.  The vendor handed the product off to the carrier.  The carrier hands them to the customer.  While they are in the possession of the carrier, they are that group's responsibility.  It's not as if they were delivered, and somebody stole them, or they were damaged, while  sitting at your house.

      If they give you too much grief, I would threaten to never use them as a carrier again, either personally, or with any company who uses them.  If that doesn't yield any results, I would put pressure on the company, who made the bags.  Tell them, that you like giving them your business, but you can't do so, if they are using FedEx.   They might not listen to an individual with a small business, but they might to a larger one, with more clients and more shipping.

      I don't know if I would put too much faith in them though.  This is the same company that lost Tom Hanks for several years...

    4. Roberta12


      That really stinks!  I am sitting here wondering what recourse you actually have?  I hadn't thought about being in that position.  I have had to deal with the manufacturer/vendor not getting things right,  late shipments, damaged shipments, but not lost.  That really stinks!  Thankfully you have enough blank bags for the next show, but that doesn't help you recoup what you have already spent.........geez, I am going to be reading the fine print just a bit more closely!

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