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  1. Cass, that is awsome! It should be a great event....and a must if you are so close! Let me know if you have any questions! Kelsey
  2. Festiva 2013- May 22-25, 2013 Hosted by Flathead Valley Community College- Kalispell, MT This year's Festiva theme is Alternative Firing (who knows, maybe Alternative Firing will be the theme every year….). Are you interested in Raku, pit firing, horse-hair, saggar firing, naked raku, soda-salt-& ash, using indigenous materials (including wild clays for glazes and formulating clay bodies), building and firing crazy kilns, etc. etc. etc.? If so, this could be the conference for you. Ceramic artists love to get together, learn from each other, and have a good time. We also like to celebrate our passion for clay and community, which was the main inspiration for the Festiva Conference. The conference will be held in Kalispell, MT, a small town in NW corner of the state--why not invite everyone up for a little fun? So basically we invited a bunch of artists with a wide range of talents. Conference attendees will be encouraged to bring their pots or sculptures (pre-bisque fired), and together we're going to create a huge mess of ceramic goodness. It is important to note that all participating artists have agreed to donate their time and teach workshops for free; many artists are even paying their own travel expenses, just for the opportunity to participate in the conference and enjoy Montana. If you want more information please go to http://ceramicsfestiva.com to learn more, and to register! The Festiva is aptly named after Stephen Braun's Ford Festiva; it was late one night, and the students of FVCC were firing their little wood/salt/soda kiln, and having a rough time getting to temperature. Suddenly, slightly before the stroke of midnight Stephen's Festiva came hurtling out of the damp mists, lights flashing and horn beeping. An hour later cone ten dropped….

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