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  1. If Southern Pottery is still there, they are great!...I used them many years ago while at Tulane
  2. flo purple?

    Thank you all so very much!...okay, okay, I'll buy the manganese!...seriously I truly appreciate the help.
  3. Lady Vases Series

  4. Lady Vase1.jpg

    From the album Lady Vases Series

    Pillow Vase
  5. "All Good Work Is Hand Work, But Not All Hand Work Is Necessarily Good Work" ...Ellsworth Woodward, Newcomb Pottery
  6. has not set their status

  7. blue memory bowls

  8. flo purple?

    The base recipe calls for magnesium, which I have and used, but the colorant additions are for manganese which I am out of Thanks!
  9. flo purple?

    The base recipe calls for magnesium, which I have and have used...the colorant additions calls for manganese, which I am out of, ..............and that is why I asked what subs I might make to get to purple. Thanks.
  10. flo purple?

    Of course, ...sorry! 14:Gerstley B 30:Spod 5 : EPK 3.5 Calcium Carb 3.5 Magnesium Carb 13:Talc 20:Silica 6: Rutile Thanks!
  11. flo purple?

    Could anyone please help me a achieve a warm purple flow glaze..could flow blue be adapted by adding more RIO?…I am currently low on manganese which might have worked, but is there any other choice in place of manganese? THANKS!