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  1. I've been using Adobe Lightroom to edit and organize my Etsy photos for the past year. Like pretty much anything by Adobe it's a hot mess, but it does a lot of neat tricks. For example, you can do everything from one-click auto-adjust to tweaking an image's histogram; you can add all kinds of metadata to the images (description, tags, copyright status, etc.); and you can upload a group images to Flickr (with metadata), and automatically repost any edits.
  2. Selling anything on Etsy?

    Definitely recommend Etsy if you're just starting out. It is a lot of work to set up and maintain, but Etsy is *the* go-to place for people looking for "undiscovered" designer-makers online. Just make sure you've got at least 100 listings with good photographs, and don't expect to sell a lot of pots your first few weeks. Cheers, Jay

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