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  1. I am also emboldened to start pouring me some plaster! Do any of you have suggestions for how to make an empty space in the center of big hump molds? If I oil the outside of a smaller bowl, can I sink it up to it's rim in the still fluid plaster filling the larger bowl, there by having a lighter mold of the larger bowl? And using less plaster.
  2. I'm having trouble getting anywhere with this search. Not so very long ago there was a thread on making hump moulds from bisque slabs instead of plaster, with suggestions of how thick , etc. Do any of you remember who started it, or how to find it? Search mode just sent me in circles. TIA
  3. I also use the cardboard slab the size of the kiln minus 2" as a fail safe when making large pieces. But...as to the firing on a slant, doesn't it come really close, or even touch, the elements? how can that survive the uneven heating?
  4. I attended a tech school clay program for 2 years and there was a required class, History of Pottery. When I wandered into Otto's hometown , 6 months into my clay experience,I knew what an opportunity I had stumbled into. I was fortunate enough to spend a day with Otto. I have zero art education from college, and I just seemed strange to me that someone who had specialized in ceramics in college didn't have knowledge of this.
  5. I was flummoxed to hear a newly graduated teacher at the local High School tell me she has a Masters in fine arts with am emphasis in Ceramics. She has never thrown on a wheel, there is no wheel in the University arts program she just graduated from, and she was not familiar with the names Beatrice Woods or Otto Heino. I do not have any of her credentials, but I was dismayed. Would you have been?
  6. don't have size advice, but my sprayers would clog with that thickness!
  7. I used a wheel like that in school. to solve your problem, I used foam board, like road side political signs are made of, ought to be some good use for all that littler! I took 3, made hinges from duct tape and sat the hinged 3 piece shield on the wheel base, outside of the wheel. while it did not catch everything, it caught lots. I just carefully picked it up and gathered the trimming off the base. Also, I expect you are right, you are having lots of trimmings right now. I make a point of trimming the freshly thrown pot as close as possible BEFORE wiring off the pot, really cuts down on trimming and helps bottoms start drying quicker, thus more evenly. With large bowls, I trim close and then cover the rim with several pages from an old phone book I keep by the wheel.
  8. Although I am often trying a new glaze, I do work, glaze, in color groups so that when I set up a display it looks planned, not random, 2nd hand store looking. I will glaze several larger pieces and lots of smaller in about 4 different colors for a set up at a show. Next show may have different colors. but still in the blue green brown range. I will plan a set of pieces with the same design and glaze and do that in 2-3 different glazes.
  9. I only fire in oxidation, but it's possible . I will try it and see what I get. Thanks
  10. I have lost the recipe to a glaze I have a test tile for that I really like and would like to reproduce. the tile and the test tub is labeled Opalescent Chun . The tile is a medium blue with a hint of lavender, satin smooth, some breaking on texture. Do any of you know this glaze? I "THINK" I may have gotten it a Odessey clay works in Asheville, but they say the don't remember it.
  11. Bcisk, both came from Highwater The white about 3 years ago. I'm wondering what changes it will make to my glazes . Mark, you obvioudly find the white more desirable , and I appreciate your offer to help.
  12. Good source of dense rolls of 3/8" thick foam, discount flooring stores. They use great foam under laminated flooring strips. I got an enourmous role at Ollies that will last me years for $20
  13. When my shipment arrived, the talc is gray not the pure white I have used before from the same supplier! What is gray talc ?
  14. Sorry, but the last boxes I got of Highwater clay not only had contaminants in them, but is so snotty wet that I can't run it between the canvasses of the slab roller. I have a pug mill that takes care of the too dry clay but too wet is a real time killer.
  15. Looks like I've got some clay with black boogers in it. This is the first-time I've used Desert Buff and the first time in many years of glazing that I've had anything like these pots coming out of a glaze firing, The pieces have black globs on the surface sometimes with glaze over them, sometimes standing above the surface of the piece. Sometimes I can grind the blobs off and reglaze successfully . Have any of you gad issues with this clay? Nd
  16. Pug and Mark , I make lots of small works and at craft shows they sell well and I have a hefty % of the sales made. It is this gallery that stumps me. I see the $$$ coming in and it stumps me that I don't get much of it.
  17. I have been in a well run profitable gallery in a lake resort, retirement community near me for 2 years . The shop takes is a large amount monthly. Most of the sales go to out of state visitors to the retirees and in the summer, lake rentals. My problem is that my % of the overall profits are not what I would like. I sell smaller pieces steadily, but of the 35 various artist, the majority of sales BY FAR go to the 5 jewelers . I pay a small commission and work the shop one day a month to keep it low. The commission goes to support the local Arts Guild, which is the governing body of the shop. There are 3 other potters in this shop, 2 others make work of similar style and quality to mine, and I have better sales that they do because, I think, I have a wider variety and restock more often than they do. My display space is large and well lit. I decide what pieces I bring in and what the prices are. Most work in the shop is very nice. There are 2 town wide festivals and I sit my wheel on the front porch and throw pots to a big crown of watchers on those day. That has increased traffic coming into the shop, but does not translate into ANY sales of my work those days ! :-( . The jewelry is up front near the entrance and desk because it is the most easily pocketed item . The jewelry is nice quality, silver, semi precious stones, I have bought several pieces myself! They sell $50- $90 pieces regularly, I rarely sell something for more that $25, no matter what it is. Only item I sell there at a higher price point is woven clay baskets, none of the other potters make them. How do I get my higher priced items to sell to women that come in and happily spend $100 on a whim on jewelry? I can sell higher priced items other places, and higher priced items sell in this shop, they just aren't mine!
  18. Thanks guys. I use several clays, depending on what I'm after. They are all good to a hot 6 or beyond. I use Highwater RedStone alot and am looking to use the 266 to darken it some. I can't get Standard easily , but can get the Highwater I have used 266 about 30 % mixed with Redstone . Good look and maybe that will get me past the possible blosting.
  19. Have any of you used this clay? I'm looking for a dark ^6 clay. There are rumors about bloating if it is pushed ,since it is rated only to ^5
  20. Asking for a teacher friend who just had the vent on the Skutt 1027 installed. With all the plugs in and the lid closed, should you be able to feel an air flow if you pull out a plug and put your hand at the opening? She wants to be sure it is working before firing. The motor seems to be working fine, but I don't sense any air flow at the open peep. Installation looks correct.
  21. I will give a full report when we get back to this side. I too had the good fortune to spend an afternoon with Otto Heino,several years ago, while in Ohai. Also visited with Frank Massarella,a great trip.
  22. I was not sure which Forum this Q belonged in, but... I will have 5 days north of LA and south of Carmel next week to tour around. People have suggested Cambria as a good stop. Have you been there? Is it a full days worth of looking and poking? I have been in the nice shop at Ventura Harbor. Do you know of any good craft-pottery sale events or good galleries that I might want to visit ? I don't need to stay on the coast and will be in SLO at least 1 day. I will be there from Dec. 6-11. Thanks, it's always interesting to see what potters on the other coast are doing.
  23. Hi Roselle, I am originally from KY, went to EKU. have you taken your son to Berea Ky? it is a real artist's town and there are many good potters there. The Ky Artisan's center off I75 at Berea is a wonderful place filled with outstanding pottery.
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